Paradise City Festival 2022

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Our ticket shop is open for business!

The title says it all. And we know the ticket sale system can be a bit confusing. Allow us to explain how it works.

As of now, our ticket sale has started. Green Card owners have two ticket waves, meaning that there’s a certain number of tickets for a lower price. Once all of these are out the door, the second ticket wave kicks in, until that one is sold out too.

Regular tickets are divided into two batches. First, a limited number of early bird tickets go on sale. When these are sold out, we start the regular ticket sales. The price for regular presale tickets will remain the same until the very end.

For both, buying your ticket fast is advised. In essence: the sooner you get yours, the cheaper they are. Mind you, our campsite gets an incredible upgrade this year, so you might want to consider staying over on-site during the weekend.

In any case: get your tickets while you can, right here. See you this summer!

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