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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Jun. 22, 2023 in All, Green, Partners
On nature’s beat: our additional green action.

Only a few more days until Paradise City Festival takes place in the beautiful Ribaucourt Castle gardens in Perk. As one of the greenest music festivals in Europe, we have tracked and evaluated our energy and waste data in great detail every year. We have already announced the upgraded green power and smart mobility plans, but today we are happy to share some important additional measures to raise awareness and make a positive impact on the environment in and around the venue.

A responsible food court

Paradise City was already meat-free, but we will have a 100% vegetarian food court from this summer onwards. To demonstrate that local ingredients have a significantly smaller negative impact on the environment, visitors can see the exact CO2 emissions per available dish – an awareness campaign supported by partner BelOrta. As for the campsite, a daily breakfast buffet will be included in the camping ticket, so you are discouraged from bringing more waste. This breakfast buffet will consist entirely of seasonal and locally sourced products by BelOrta, who will serve an abundance of green vitamins for all dancers and campers.

Mindful about waste

Last summer’s efforts also contributed to less waste per visitor (going from 0,92 kilos in 2021 to 0,74 in 2022), primarily because of the introduction of reusable Kiobox plates. To minimize the amount of wastewater this summer, we will install 10 new compost toilets (all others will be vacuum toilets).

At Paradise City 2023, partner Coca-Cola will premiere a brand new tap system at two stages that eliminates the use of plastic or glass during transport. In addition, all bottle caps will be collected during the weekend to introduce the new partnership with Komono. These will be recycled afterwards and serve as the material for an exclusive Paradise City x Komono Collection next year.

To ensure campers leave their spot clean and tidy, a €10 warranty will be collected upon arrival and given back afterwards when they return their recycled waste.

Taking care of our community

Another new sustainability initiative is a promising collaboration with The Click, an innovative app that lets everyone participate in the fight against litter by scanning the packaging of cleaned-up rubbish. This earns virtual coins that can be used in numerous municipalities and online shops nationwide. At Paradise City Festival, The Click will build a community and inspire visitors to continue their sustainability efforts even after the festival.

Paradise City also aims to create a positive impact beyond the festival grounds. This is why we will donate €15.000 to a resident or company that submits an innovative climate project under the #182030 municipal project call in Steenokkerzeel. This way, Paradise City can give back something to our neighbours and help contribute to a climate-neutral municipality.

Lastly, we introduced the Angels of Paradise-program last year. This consists of a large team of trained, enthusiastic and easily approachable volunteers who help visitors deal with harassment, intolerance or any other problem they might encounter. The Angels of Paradise team will be expanded this summer and receive additional anti-harassment training.

For more in-depth details on Paradise City’s sustainability efforts, check out the green page on our website.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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