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Every year, we partner up with stage hosts to select the line up and create a memorable experience for you. They represent part of the local scene and are the ones that make you dance week after week.

Sadly, they have all been affected by the coronavirus crisis in the past months. Many beautiful projects on which they have been working for months had to be cancelled and now they need our support.

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“The lockdown hit us hard as we were preparing for the summer season. While preparing for our biggest summer season since the launch of Play Label, we obviously had to cancel all our open air projects and put everyone out of work. At the very same time we also had to close our club (La Cabane) just before its first anniversary, which was quite tough and the prolonged closure of the area is becoming very hard to manage financially.

We are on hold, we understand of course that it is impossible to open the clubs for health reasons but we deplore the lack of help from the federal government and support during these months of closures. It is also hard to understand that there are no new measures planned to enable outdoor events, given the rate at which the virus is spreading outdoors.

Beyond all that, this weekend we should be dancing all together! We are sad not to see the Paradise City family again and we wish courage to the whole team!”


“13th March 2020, lockdown started… At first, I was feeling positive, I thought that really focusing on the times we're living in could be interesting, excluding any health risks of course. I quickly realised that nothing was going to be easy, that's when events started to get cancelled one after the other and I saw my horizon fall apart. Then came the dreaded news: Paradise City won't happen, summer will be DJ-free, no parties, no meetings, no adrenaline…

How do I feel today? Empty, a feeling of uselessness in everything I do, because I don't know when or how we'll be able to let our passions be expressed once again. Being patient while keeping cool, thinking about tomorrow, producing music and believing that better times will come, this is what occupies my mind and my days.

And my nights? I do something insane: I sleep. Hope to see you again soon…”


“The lockdown… Honestly, it has 2 sides for me: + and - . On the minus side, I sometimes felt a bit lonely and didn't know how to handle my ‘empty weekends’ a the beginning of the lockdown. But this changed after a few weeks and the plus side gained over the downside. I started to valuate even more friendship and appreciate more ‘normal day to day conversations’ with friends. I guess I even have more contact now with them than before. As I have more time on my hands during the time my friends are ‘off’ from work, I'm able to spend more time with them… so, this opens my eyes towards the future. On music level, I also only see positive sides, cause it made me explore other aspects in music, more downtempo, out of the box things. The result will be soon/heard released and I think it summarizes perfectly what the lockdown means to be. Another final plus is the fact that I'm definitely craving to be in front of a fully packed dance floor. The fact that I miss this sooooo much, means that I'm really loving my job. So I appreciate and valuate my ‘job’ even more than before.

Can only just hope everything goes into the right direction and we can all dance together again. Was mega looking forward to host the beautiful ‘golden sunset’ stage on Sunday again. But let's look at it from the bright side. There is always… another year, cause … good things will stay forever. Paradise City is there to stay and I'm not planning to go neither. So dear PCF citizens, keep the faith and be kind to each other as you always did. One big happy family ❤️”


“We do stand and applaud unity & solidarity”


“Like all of us, the uncertainty of the situation for our sector was enormous. Suddenly there was time in abundance, I immediately realised that nature was screaming to slow down, to change our approach, that this pace and especially the way was not the right way. With the time granted, I rediscovered my record collection and gave my usb playlist a huge upgrade, so it's bursting with new tunes…!

The clearer it became that the virus has such an impact on health and the economy, the more difficult it became for our sector to plan ahead and make something out of this summer. Especially the consequences following the summer will be disastrous and decisive for many of us.

We are all creative and supportive, hands have been handed out from unexpected angles to work together. Personally, this gave me a lot of courage not to let myself be caught by shouting that we are in trouble and are the victims. Yes, we're in the middle of it, but it doesn't help us if we keep getting caught.

So there are some challenges ahead: the biggest challenge I'm going to take on is as sound director for Sonhouse (sound agency located in Brussels) which will focus on the fashion and lifestyle world. Furthermore, there are some ideas bubbling up, so I can't say anything about that yet…”


“When we first started C12 in February 2018, we had no clue what was about to happen. Not in our wildest dream we had expected such a rollercoaster of energizing nights, outstanding DJ or live acts, new friendships, emerging connections and theatre, dance or art performances, tattoo days, audio-visual nights, …

Neither had we envisioned a worldwide health crisis that would keep our doors shut for months, leading us to unprecedented financial challenges. But we aren't finished yet. We wish to keep offering our safe space and the convening power of culture and music to our eclectic audience. We wish to maintain the freedom we experience in and around C12, which we see as a shared good between you and us.

With our doors closed since March 8th and no prospect of reopening yet, the financial impact of the crisis weighs significantly. C12 team wishes to express eternal gratitude to everyone for the support. We will never be able to thank you enough.”


“Like many others within the events community, we have had our daily life turned upside down as our events are postponed, our projects put on hold and our summer plans cancelled. However, although we are extremely sad to not be able to host an event for our community, we believe that every cloud has a silver lining. The Covid-19 crisis has forced us, like many, to rely on our creativity and resourcefulness to make the best of a difficult situation. Furthermore, we felt as though we still had a duty to entertain our audience, but also support our heroes on the front line during the pandemic. This explains our decision to stream live DJ sets from unique locations online in order to raise money for charity - an initiative that was supported by our incredible community. The same community that kept Hangar alive by not requesting refunds for our postponed event or that continues to support clubs and events across the country any way they can. We’d like to say thank you to that community and hopefully see you soon.”

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