Tue, Apr 30Culinary Curator at Paradise City 2019

Fine cuisine has always been one of the main pillars of Paradise City Festival. Since our first edition in 2015 where we had a no fast food policy to the 2016 edition where we decided to ban meat from the festival, we have always had a gastronomic experience with a prestigious chef at our Comfort zone.

Discover this year’s curator in the following video…

Culinary Curator

This year we are planning big things with our new culinary curator Seppe Nobels. For our Flemish citizens, Seppe doesn’t need an introduction. For those who don’t know him yet, Seppe is the chef of Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp. He is considered as one of the finest vegetables’ chefs in the world. This year, and together with his team from Graanmarkt 13, Seppe will cook a 5-course meal with accompanying drinks at our Comfort zone. You can find more details about the gastronomic experience here and you can reserve your ticket for this here.

But Seppe’s curation goes beyond the Comfort zone at Paradise City. He will have control over all the food offered at the festival and will respect some key principles: micro-local and seasonal vegetables, imperfect and unsold food, no sugar added, no meat and above all delicious food.


There will be a new restaurant (no reservation needed) at the festival and several food trucks. Seppe will have a say in all dishes offered, but will also make sure we use the micro-local vegetables from our farmer Ole Deschout in Heist-op-den-Berg.

Circular food

The food at the festival will be circular. That means that we will battle food waste and that Seppe will work besides the vegetables from Ole with unsold and imperfect shaped food from our food partners. With this we are closing the loop and actively battling food waste without making any concessions on the quality of the dishes offered to you.

Each year we want to push our sustainable policy a bit further, and the circular food will be our main green innovation for this year. Each dish at Paradise City will be cooked with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

We are faced with enormous challenges to save our planet, adapting our food habits will be a big part of the solution. The world population is quickly increasing, and we have a lot of mouths to feed. For this reason, at Paradise City we want to convince you that local, vegetarian and circular dishes are delicious and can have a very high gastronomic level.

As tiny as this impact may be, we all believe that this is a start…

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