Tue, Jun 18New music label and first release “Greatest Hits” by DJ Oufti

2 weeks ahead of the 5th edition of Paradise City Festival, we are launching our label “Paradise City Records”. The label is not really part of a big strategy, one night we were listening to some unreleased tracks from a friend and we stumbled on some great music. We decided that we had to release this music instead of letting it disappear on a hard drive. And that’s basically how the label idea started. The new labels motto’s is “For your hearts, not the charts”.

DJ Oufti, a completely unknown producer, will kick off the label with his EP “Greatest Hits” that contains 2 tracks: Boulets au St Greg & Hangover en La Majeur. There is not a lot we can say about DJ Oufti, only that he is a very talented producer from Liège, and he has several aliases.

The 2 tracks are peak-time weapons for the 2019 hot & sweaty summer. Enjoy!

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