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We believe that good music tastes even better when accompanied by good food! Our food trucks serve delicious food with minimum impact on the environment. Ingredients are seasonal and biological, served in compostable tablewear. The menus are mostly vegetarian, but there is also room for sustainably caught fish. What’s more, all these various food trucks are joining forces to source their ingredients locally.

Jean sur Mer

Jean Sur Mer is one of the pioneers on the Belgian Food Truck scene. The love of the sea, its salt air and all the good that comes out of it he harbored from an early age. Think about Fish and chips or tasty brandade of smoked mackerel, soft cooked egg and grey shrimps. They serve only seasonal fish, sustainably caught and really fresh! As they say: “Dont’t go to Jean Sur Mer if you’re looking for a weekday caterer. In fact, the only grey at Jean’s foodtruck are the fresh peeled shrimps!”

Table d’Ho

Korean at it’s Belgian best. The Korean kitchen is surprising, healthy and o so good, but however unknown to many of us. Based on authentic Korean flavors, San-Ho Park of table d’Ho creates original dishes in a refined and accessible way. For this edition of Paradise City San-Ho made a vegetarian selection such as Kimbap (Korean sushi with vegetables) or tempura.


“Fast and healthy makes happy” is what they think at Spoon. Out of a real ambulance they serve soups, wraps and quiches. The founders worked in the corporate world for years and there it became clear how rarely you can find a truly good and healthy lunch. That should be different! Nowadays they cook delicious and healthy food with fresh ingredients. And it is super local: with their roots in Steenokkerzeel, the festival is literally their back garden! For our citizens they created the “Sweet Paradise fries”: sweet potatoe fries with lime mayo.


In Rotterdam Fritez became very popular with their concept ‘Haute Friture’: a new way of making French fries in which craftsmanship and freshness are the two most important pillars. Every bio-potato gets freshly cut and gets baked just enough to become the most perfect, gold-brown French fries you have ever tasted. Choose your kind of mayonnaise from the mayo-menu, for instance the truffle flavored one, and there it is: Haute friture. Who says French fries can’t be healthy?


A simple croque monsieur? No, RemorK only serves “haute croques”! Delicious bread from local bakeries and the most fresh vegetables in surprising combinations are turned into yummie haute croques by Stef. With a big heart for the environment, RemorK bring their croques with a twist to Paradise City!

Smoke On

So, what’s your superpower? Ours is probably making delightfull bbqfood! Smoke on, a bbq foodstand with great taste, serves low & slow bbq specialties with an American twist. By smoking our fresh products very slow and on low temperatures, we achieve excellent results with a unique taste that we would love to share with you! We are using this technique to keep the purity of our raw materials when they are smoked. Off course we pay a lot of attention to the high quality of our ingredients, the variety of healthy products and nice, aromatic herbs as finishing touch. You want to taste the summer? Come and visit us, you’re welcome!

Yalla Yalla

The Lebanese sisters Mona and Dalilah have been touring the festivals together with their friend Hanne, since 2015. No nonsense authentic Lebanese streetfood at democratic prices is what they serve from behind their upcycled truck (once an old taco-trailer). These delicious traditional dishes - such as falafel, hummus, or za’ater flatbread - are vegan, veggie, and even gluten-free.


This edition, Qinti, the Inca goddess of quinoa, will be at Paradise city to share her treasures with her humble citizens. All the way from the South American Andes, Qinti combines its divine quinoa with 90% local ingredients to create the most tasteful veggie burgers and croquettes. Enjoy these in combination with delicious buns and unique homemade mayonnaise. Qinti croquette will be your perfect tasty bite while Qinti burger will make you dance through the night.
We share Paradise City’s view on responsible sourcing and fair trade, it’s in Qinti’s DNA. Super food, super taste. Green blessings from Qinti!


Artisanally made popsicles, crafted with fresh organic fruit, natural herbs and spices to achieve a unique sensation. It’s not ice cream or water ice, it’s a special smoothie frozen on a stick! Popsycle adds chunks of fresh fruit, or a swirl of homemade syrup to create an extra dimension for you to enjoy. No need for food coloring, artificial flavouring or refined sugars. All the good stuff is already in the fruit!


Like every Belgian, we love a good beer with a nice meal. Did you know that for every beer you drink, 90% of the spent grain goes to waste? That’s why we thought “Let’s Crack This Bière Up!”. Beerfood recovers this spent grain from brussels-based micro breweries and transforms it into delicious savoury crackers. Eat beer! Imagine that for every beer you drink – and we all know this can add up – we can make a cracker from its spent grain. You can taste our Beerfood crackers at the comfort zone of Paradise City!


Southwestfishbar brings you a variety of seasonal and sustainably caught fish, fresh from the sea. They serve it “à la plancha” for a real summer BBQ experience! And don’t forget the mussels, a real Belgian treat.

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