Mon, Feb 3Camping at Paradise City

For campers, Paradise City is more than a music festival, it is also a camping experience. Along with a rising sunshine and star-lit night skies, the intimate setting welcomes a fantastic crowd of music lovers.

Our camping will be your personal chill-out area in the midst of festival insanity. There are different options to stay onsite:

  • You can bring your own tent and camping equipment by buying a 3 days-ticket + camping or by buying a basic ticket for the camping for 35€.
  • You can make your festival weekend easier and buy a package which includes a tent, sleeping bags, mattress and chairs. Everything is provided by Camp2Camp. Prices vary from 75€ to 220€, depending on how many people you are (1, 2 or 4).
  • For those who wish something different and want to add some style, comfort and fun to their festival experience, there are the glamping options: shiny tents for 2, 4 or 5 persons with cosy beds, electricity and light.
  • Campers and caravans can be parked in the Camper area with a separate ticket for 40€. Water and electricity will be supplied for your campers on the caravan pitch.

More info can be found on our Camping page!

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