Wed, Jun 19Brasserie 2050 : The restaurant of the future

Imagine a restaurant where you can taste the future. A future filled with healthy food for all. Well, here it is.

Taste the future

The concept of Brasserie 2050 was created in 2018 by Rabobank, partnered with MOJO, The Food Line-up and Overtreders W. The bank’s mission: Growing a better world together. As Tom van Kuyk (Rabobank’s manager of brand experience and partnerships) puts it: in 2050 we’ll be 10 billion people on earth. In order to sustain this growing population, food production has to raise by 60% and its ecological impact has to diminish by half. It’s imperative we start cultivating, producing and eating differently. With Brasserie 2050, we aim to provide a large public not only to see but also taste how that can happen.

Boeuf-Bourguignon, without the beef

The menu has a variety of options, ranging from bourguignon without beef and shoarma made with celeriac. Every meal is coupled with a problematic related to food such as biodiversity or salinizing farmlands. The meals are not only meant to tickle the festivalgoers’ taste buds, but also to incentivize critical thought. Maartje Nelissen of Food Line-up, responsible for the culinary concept: “After presenting the concept in the Netherlands last year, it’s great to be able to introduce it in Belgium also. Indeed, chef Gilbert Kolff, responsible for the menu, looks with Seppe Nobles for local farmers with which they can partner up, and how to best adapt the menu to the Belgian market.”

Reusable restaurant

Next to its meals, Brasserie 2050 is also pursuing sustainability and looking to bring the component of circular economy in its activities. Therefore, the entire building is completely dismountable and reusable, composed with a vertical farm, tables made out of recycled plastic, and organic waste is composted. To reduce the CO2-impact, most of the products are sourced locally in order to reduce transport and make the whole process more transparent.

Enjoy Brasserie 2050’s meals at Paradise City from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th of July 2019. Guests can attend the restaurant without reservation on Friday from 3pm – 10pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 10pm.

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