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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Jan. 12, 2023 in All, Artists, News
Meet the collectives taking over our stages this summer.

Trommel, Soulful Sessions, Gay Haze and Not Your Techno will make their Paradise City debut.

Every year, we ask some of Belgium’s finest collectives to take over our stages during the Paradise City weekend, ensuring every part of our flourishing music scene is represented at our festival. Together with our booking team, these partners ensure a quality lineup filled with local and international talent of the highest order.

Our 2023 stage hosts:

Gay Haze – Giegling – Hangar – Klub Dramatik x Trommel – La Cabane – Nico Morano and Friends – Not Your Techno – Under My Garage x Kalahari Oyster Cult – Silo – Soulful Sessions

Not Your Techno, a Brussels-based collective and platform that highlights diverse and upcoming talents in the dance music scene, with a focus on female-identifying, queer and POC artists, is a new guest too. “Our co-founder Sara Dziri was always enthusiastic when playing Paradise City in the past years, so we can’t wait to bring this collaboration to a new level”, the team explains. “As you can usually expect from us, we will bring a line up that is uncompromising and more off the beaten track. Our curation for Paradise City will be one of the most high energy line-ups we have put together to date.”

For the heads that like it a bit deeper, German dance institution Giegling is coming back for the fourth year in a row, taking over a dedicated Hidden Paradise stage on the lake for three days and nights. For the very first time, the popular online platform Trommel is invited too. Representing the deeper side of house and electronic music, the promoters will team up with Klub Dramatik for a special day and night of enchanting vibrations.

As you may know, our Castle Stage will have a refreshing makeover. This new beginning also means new stagehosts. On Saturday July 1st, Gay Haze will occupy the dancefloor. “The beauty of the location and the diversity of the programme make the festival special and unique”, promoters Diego Cozzi (Fais Le Beau) and Guillaume Bleret tells us.  “For several years now, it has become an unmissable festive marker of the beginning of summer, while retaining the discreet charm of a garden party. We’re super happy to participate in such a well-organised, welcoming and environmentally friendly festival.” Since 2017, the Brussels-based collective has organized several Sunday tea parties: “Usually our parties are rather intimate, but for this special occasion we will adapt the line-up, staying true to the principles of spontaneous and crazy community that make our identity. We can expect a high intensity of energy and euphoria on the dancefloor… who knows maybe confetti and other surprises? (biodegradable of course)” [laughs].

Last but not least, Soulful Sessions has been putting on popular disco and house events in the Antwerp region for years already, but now their team is hosting its own stage at Paradise City for the first time too. “We think this is one of the best Belgian festivals around”, promoter Aeson Löw explains. “Other than the sustainability ambitions, the attention to detail in their appealing booking policy is especially admirable, making it a great fit for Soulful Sessions.” The event will take over our revamped Castle Stage on Sunday July 2, with the vibes you have come to expect from them: dangerous disco, sweet soul, Brazilian boogie, adventurous Afrobeat, holy house music and much more. “Prepare yourselves for some sunny daytime dancing on a carefully curated lineup full of well-respected legends in the scene.” We’re looking forward too, Aeson!

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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