Meet our Paradise circular Inn - Paradise City 2018

Meet our Paradise circular Inn

Paradise City is about music, friendship and positive behavioral change. Therefore, we aim to encourage our citizens to respect their environment and the beautiful nature surrounding us, starting with the festival site and the beautiful castle of Ribaucourt.

Since our first edition, we were challenged by offering a sustainable camping site, where waste was not an issue, as it can be on major festival sites. Therefore, besides recycling facilities, we were offering a free cardboard tent to each camper, hence avoiding any camping gear leftovers. After the weekend, these cardboard tents were either disposed in recycling facilities or upcycled to become other pieces of furniture like cardboard chairs.

This year, we want to take our sustainable camping one step further and improve its climate positive effect. No more “single used” tents, even if made from cardboard; let us introduce you our Camp2Camp gear. Working with Camp2Camp, a circular camping project, we are offering each camper the opportunity to rent on site a tent, an air matrass, a sleeping bag and/or a camping chair with “history” from €5 to €10. This camping gear was collected on other festival sites, cleaned, repaired and made reusable via social employment for other festivals or social projects. By doing this, they are aiming for a circular economy, as all the rented gear will leave Paradise Inn for another Camp2Camp adventure.

For our citizens, it implies no more buying single used tents to leave behind after a great weekend and no more carrying your camping gear to and from our festival. Travel light and travel responsibly to Paradise City.

This year, we will also offer luxury tent options for you to enjoy the full Paradise Inn experience. You’ll have the opportunity to rent an upgraded Bell tent, either for 2 or 4 people, fully equipped with wooden beds, real mattresses, hotel quality linen and fluffy pillows for perfect dreams. Also available, the 3 meter high Air tent, with a wooden bed and its real mattress, a truly nice experience for 2.

Whether you like your camping roots or enjoy a more luxury option, Paradise Inn will offer you the sustainable option of your dream.

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