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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Jan. 10, 2022 in All, Green
In Detail: Our Green Commitments

We are optimists, and we think the future is bright. That’s why Paradise City Festival is an event that works with a strict environmental policy. We hope to instigate positive change and inspire our visitors to live sustainably. Since day one, we’ve been working hard to make Paradise City a sustainable and eco-friendly event.

We are excited to share that Paradise City has been selected as one of the greenest festivals in the world by A Greener Festival! A big thank you goes to our team, volunteers and suppliers – but, most importantly, we want to show gratitude to you, our dearest citizens, for this fantastic achievement.

Some numbers:

  • Just like in previous years: our ecological footprint per visitor has decreased by 16% compared to 2019. That’s impressive, considering the fact we welcomed more people, and our campground capacity nearly doubled.

  • Of all the Paradise Citizens this summer, 18% (or nearly 1 in 5) used public transport to our festival. That’s not bad, but we will continue to push these efforts in the coming months.

  • We launched a partnership with River Cleanup, a Belgian non-profit organization that cleans up rivers with a dedicated team of volunteers all around the world. By donating your eco drinking cups (or rather, their warranty) you have contributed to raising money for the initiative.

We aim to do better each year. That’s why we’re already planning our next moves:

  • We will offer several night trains after curfew from Vilvoorde station to Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, in cooperation with NMBS. Visitor transport accounted for the biggest part of our CO2 emission, so we hope more of you will consider taking the train.

  • We will provide a CO2 calculation for each dish available at our food trucks.

  • We will organize a recycling park on our campsite.

  • We will minimize general waste on the festival ground by limiting the number of packaged drinks and food.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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