Paradise City Festival 2022


Respect the nature, respect the castle

We are optimists, and we think the future can be bright. Therefore, we need to take sustainability seriously, knowing that any large gathering can negatively impact the surrounding air, soil, water, resources, and inhabitants. We all need to minimize our ecological footprint, so we implemented a strict green policy at our festival. We trust we can influence change by leaving a positive legacy, and hopefully, we can help our visitors to live more sustainably. That’s why we think it’s important to lead by example, improve ourselves year after year and know that we still have a long way ahead of us.

We are happy to share that Paradise City was awarded four stars (the highest possible rating) for the second time in a row by A Greener Festival, a non-profit organisation that helps music events become more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact. This feat confirms our status as the greenest music festival in Belgium (and one the greenest in the world). More details about the CO2 report of Paradise City 2021 can be found here. 

Numbers from 2021

Every year, our ecological footprint per visitor decreases. Last edition, we saw a cutback by 16% compared to 2019. That’s impressive, considering that we welcomed more people, and our campground capacity nearly doubled.

  • Of all the Paradise Citizens last summer, 18% (or nearly 1 in 5) used public transport to our festival. That’s not bad, but we will continue to push these efforts in the coming months.
  • We launched a partnership with River Cleanup, a Belgian non-profit organization that cleans up rivers with a dedicated team of volunteers worldwide. By donating your eco drinking cups (or rather, their warranty), you have contributed to raising money for the initiative.
  • We stopped selling cigarettes at the festival, not only because we want to contribute to a healthier world, but also because it caused too much pollution on site. In 2019, we collected 24 litres (or around 10.000 butts) of cigarette waste (!!!) which – when processed for recycling – amounts to 4.800m3 of unpolluted water, equivalent to 65 000 showers.

Additional actions in 2022

  • We will offer several night trains after curfew from Vilvoorde station to Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, in cooperation with the European Commission and NMBS.
  • All shuttles driving between the festival and Vilvoorde station will be powered by electricity and can be used completely free of charge, thanks to our partners the European Commission, Brussels Airport and De Lijn.
  • We will provide a CO2 calculation for each dish available at our food trucks.
  • We will organize an upgraded recycling park on our campsite.
  • We will minimize general waste on the festival ground by limiting the number of packaged drinks and food.

we have set a 10 steps process

To make sure we minimize our impacts


Green Energy

Green energy lowers the impact of electricity use. We measure, monitor and report our power stats every year.


Future Food

Our food on offer is 100 % locally sourced, organically grown or bought from a fair-trade source. We only offer vegetarian meals and adapt food quantity to avoid leftovers.


Waste Management

With your participation, we sort, recycle and compost. We also have a zero single-use plastic policy and use reusable cups for all drinks.



We actively promote carpooling and public transport options, like our night train program. In addition, our cycling visitors can park their bikes right next to the festival’s entrance.


Filtered Tap Water

Plastic bottles usually litter the festival grounds, but not here. Instead, filtered still and sparkling water is available for free throughout our festival.


Sustainable Communication

We have cut down on paper communications and only use FSC paper if we must. Our festival is not only cashless; it’s also token-free.



We filter and purify our wastewater on-site for camping showers and use eco-toilets to reduce excess water.


CO2 Neutral

A CO2-Neutral festival is a goal we have achieved year after year. We are aware that even after all our efforts, there is a remaining climate impact. Taking our responsibility, we offset the unavoidable climate impact through the support of CO2logic’s climate project.


Green Camping

We provide the most sustainable camping experience possible. For example, we implement a circular economy in which campers can rent recycled camping gear on site.



Our green philosophy is actively shared and echoed through our suppliers, partners and visitors.

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