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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Jun. 21, 2022 in All, Green, Partners
Green Action Part 4: Additional Measures

At Paradise City, we hope to inspire visitors to live more sustainably by instigating positive change. To power our festival, we operate with a smart power plan. This includes an algorithm that controls generators to minimise surplus energy consumption. As a result, the energy use per visitor has been significantly lowered over the past years. 86% of the energy on-site is renewable. 76% of that number comes from HVO fuel (used cooking oil, produced in The Netherlands), and 10% comes from solar energy.

Looking forward, we aim to increase that share of solar power to 40% with more (and bigger) solar panels. This summer, partner Audi Belgium will foresee a large 170m2 solar panel, three more EcoPlant solar panels, and a huge battery that saves surplus energy. Just like recharging an electric vehicle, they will host a recharge zone at the festival site, where visitors can revitalise with neck and shoulder massages, fresh juices and chill-down music.

AB Inbev provides the entire campsite with beer exclusively transported emission-free by two E-trucks. Additionally, partner Ray & Jules serves the entire festival coffee slow-roasted on solar power. All other roasters emit 1,5 kg of CO2 for every kg of coffee, but Ray & Jules’ patented roasted method reduces that number to zero. Just look out for their solar-powered Sunshine Barista truck for your daily dose of caffeine!

Now that we’re talking CO2 emissions, Paradise City’s new sustainable food partner, Delhaize (with the support of green consultancy agency CO2 Logic), will display a CO2 calculation for every available dish on the food court – a first in Belgium. This initiative aims to raise more awareness of the ecological impact of our food choices amongst visitors. Since the first edition, Paradise City has been a 100% meat-free festival.

To read more about our environmental engagement, visit our Green Commitment page.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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