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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Apr. 28, 2022 in All, Green
Green Action Part 3: our waste management

We are optimists, and we think the future is bright. That’s why Paradise City Festival is an event that works with a strict environmental policy. We hope to instigate positive change and inspire our visitors to live sustainably. In this series, we highlight each and every detail of our plan to minimize our ecological footprint. Up next: our waste management.

We are all about transparent communication, which also means sharing our weak points. Last summer, our kilograms of waste per visitor (from 0,63 kg) significantly increased by 41% (to 0,89 kg). That surge is predominantly explained by our expanded campsite capacity and construction waste. We invest in our signage and construction materials (mostly wood), that last for many years – but in 2021, many items needed replacement. However, this year, we will invest in more durable materials that can withstand the elements for more years to come.

In 2019, 1300 of our visitors stayed at our campsite – and this number climbed to 2500 in 2021. After a few lockdowns, letting it all out was taken a bit too literal, as this led to considerably more trash. However, more campers mean fewer carbon emissions from transport. This summer, we’ll expand our campsite capacity even more (to 3500 to be precise), so we’ll double down on limiting the waste brought in from outside and increasing our recycling efforts. These initiatives include a brand new recycling park, an on-site ‘junk trunk’ that collects waste, and offering canned beer for reduced prices to discourage campers from bringing their own.

As for the good news, our partnership with River Cleanup, a Belgian non-profit organization that focuses on keeping our rivers free from waste, was a success. Dozens of volunteers kept our waterways and festival site clean during our festival, and we nudged our visitors to donate the deposit on their reusable cups, raising funds for the organization in the process.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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