Paradise city festival 2021

Food experience at Paradise City

We believe that good music tastes even better when accompanied by good food! Our food trucks serve delicious food with minimum impact on the environment. Ingredients are seasonal and biological, served in compostable tablewear. The menus are mostly vegetarian, but there is also room for sustainably caught fish. What’s more, all these various food trucks are joining forces to source their ingredients locally.

Jean Sur Mer

Jean Sur Mer is one of the pioneers on the Belgian Food Truck scene. The love of the sea, its salt air and all the good that comes out of it he harbored from an early age.  They serve only seasonal fish, sustainably caught and really fresh! As they say: “Dont’t go to Jean Sur Mer if you’re looking for a weekday caterer. In fact, the only grey at Jean’s foodtruck are the fresh peeled shrimps!” 


“Fast and healthy makes happy” is what they think at Wanderlust. The founders worked in the corporate world for years and there it became clear how rarely you can find a truly good and healthy lunch. That should be different! Nowadays they cook delicious and healthy food with fresh ingredients. And it is super local: with their roots in Steenokkerzeel, the festival is literally their back garden! For our citizens they created the “Sweet Paradise fries”: sweet potatoe fries with lime mayo.

Fritez Haute Friture

For years, Fritez has been driving their food trucks from events to food festivals to fulfill their mission to change fast food, into ‘fast good’. Using fair products which are, organic where possible, homemade or sustainably produced mostly by local producers. Every bio potato gets freshly cut and gets baked just enough to become the most perfect, gold-brown French fries you have ever tasted! Choose your kind of sauce, and there it is: Haute Friture. Driven by happiness, served with a smile by our French fries-fanatics!


Qinti, the Inca goddess of quinoa, will be at Paradise city to share her treasures with her humble citizens. All the way from the South American Andes, Qinti combines its divine quinoa with 90% local ingredients to create the most tasteful veggie burgers and croquettes. Enjoy these in combination with delicious buns and unique homemade mayonaise. Qinti croquettes will be your perfect tasty bite while Qinti burger will makes you dance through the night. Qinti shares Paradise City’s view on responsible sourcing and fair trade, it’s in Qinti’s DNA. Super food, super taste. Green blessings from Qinti! 


Michiel Govaert and his team have been driving through Belgium with their food trucks and street food catering since 2006. They focus on fresh home made quality. Come and taste OTTO’s delicious flatbread pizza’s with a twist. You’ve never tried pizza like this before! 


Boef!, that’s two buddy’s always in the kitchen cooking something for their friends. Some drinks later their foodtruck was born. The result is a variety of world kitchen dishes with the goal to leave the smallest footprint possible, so they decided to cook vegan. With their Captain V burger, homemade from scratch and their Pink Panther Curry they’re going for world domination! Good food for a good mood, that’s what Boef! stands for.


The motto of B By BonRill: “we dream big, we act local”. As the 5th generation of a Belgian butcher from Ypres they missed the great taste, texture and quality in most of the veggie alternatives. They decided to do better and develop their own veggie Belgian brand based on oyster mushrooms : BonRill Finest Veggie. To this day, the production process remains artisanal and local. For Paradise city, they picked out their 2 best veggie sausages: the Boudin Blanc & The Farmer Sausage (Boerenworst) and gave them a twist. And so Bonrill brings us 2 delicious “haute dogs”. B good, choose belgian, choose B by Bonri

Mission Masala

Do we need Indian soulfood with a twist? Hell yeah! Mission Masala already has a restaurant in Ghent and Antwerp. And now they bring their tasty Pow Pow burger, Butter paneer and Samosa Chaat to our Paradise City Citizens.

Tom & Della’s

Tom & Della’s mission is to provide delicious, fresh and healthy meals to their customers. A new vision on what an exquisite, premium salad should be. They create foods and meal moments that change the way people eat and live. Tom & Della’s dream of a world where food is more than mere nourishment. Food that is better for people and better for our planet.

Pasta La Vista

Pasta La Vista serve freshly prepared pastas from their self-converted pasta mobile. Our Paradise City Citizens can choose 3 different veggie sauces. In addition to their classic veggie sauce and 4-cheeses, they also have a spicy thai red curry. The pastas are finished with cheese and tasty herbs, served from a biodegradable pasta cup. Pasta for the future!

Ice Jewels & Daydreams

Ice Jewels & Daydreams indulge us with homemade ice pops made of fresh fruit, without additives. Some ice pops even have a touch of alcohol like mojito, pink negroni or strawberry caipirinha. And on top of that, they only use natural ingredients (like cane sugar) and seasonal fruit for their homemade pancakes and pies. All these treats are served with love and passion!


Barzinho is known to bring healthy and sustainable food to festivals. For Paradise City they developed a delicious veggie pitta. No tofu, no quorn, no soy, just celery root baby! Low waste, healthy and local ingredients make up the DNA of Barzinho.

Het Friethuis Kampenhout

Het Friethuis Kampenhout is a very local foodie (4 km from the Castle) and is specialized in veggie and vegan fried food. They bring easy wraps to Paradise city, filled with their fried goodies and local vegetables like “witloof”.

De Koezina

De Koezina or “The kitchen” is a unique Moroccan food experience. They bring you the authentic oriental flavours with all its colours and scents. Their vegetarian couscous and tajine are based on a traditional family recipe. Come and travel with them to the tales of thousand and one nights.

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