Paradise City Festival 2023

& Opening hours

Paradise City Festival 2023 takes place on Friday June 30, Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 2 2023.

The festival starts Friday at 12:00 until 01:00, Saturday at 12:00 until 01:00 and Sunday at 12:00 till 23:00. The campsite opens on Friday at 11:00 and closes Monday morning at 11:00.


Ticket sales have started and you can get yours here: www.paradisecity.be/tickets

You can buy tickets for someone else. Note that there is a limit of 10 tickets per order.

Please check your spam! This happens sometimes.

If you want to sell your ticket, we kindly redirect you to Ticketswap.

Everybody is welcome at Paradise City Festival and kids below 12 years can even enter free of charge. However, all kids below 18 have to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian. Alcohol will only be sold to people over 18 years of age. Keep in mind that Paradise City is a festival made for adults, not kids. Please provide noise protection for the younger ones. Free earplugs are available at the festival.


This edition will be the last one for which you can use your vouchers.

You can insert your voucher code in the ticketshop at the payment stage. You received your voucher code by mail when you made your voucher request.



We are trying our best to make the festival accessible to all, but we cannot guarantee that moving around in a wheelchair will be easy. But we have set-up up some additional measures for wheelchair users. Wheelchair users can park at the VIP parking and get free comfort zone access. We also have to higher platforms exclusively for wheelchair users at the Castle and Arena stage.

For more information, please contact us on info@paradisecity.be

Yes, near the entrance of the festival. We provide lockers to keep your stuff safe. Keep in mind that these will cost you a small fee.

Unfortunately, there will be no wifi on the festival but we will provide extra 4G coverage.

Nowhere on-site. We are a cashless festival.

Yes, you will find our power benches on various locations across the festival.


We provide a campsite next to the festival grounds next to Ribaucourt castle. Please head over to our camping page for all your answers: https://paradisecity.be/camping/ 

To access the campsite, you must have a valid camping wristband. You will receive your wristband at the campsite cash register. Don’t forget to bring your ID! No ID = no entry! One ticket is valid for one entrance per person. for one entrance per person.

On our camping you can take a hotshower and use toilets. You will also find what you need to do your dishes and recycle your waste! This year we will increase the amount of showers and toilets available per visitor for extra comfort! Hungry after a day of partying? Breakfast is available at the camping: on Saturday and Sunday from 08.00h till 12.00h and on Monday from 08.00h until 11.00h. 

Our camping crew will be at your disposal to answer all your questions and needs (hospitality desk).

Check-in: continuously from Friday June 30, starting at 11:00. 

Check-out: Monday July 3, before 11:00.

Lost items will go to the police station at KASTZE (Tervuursesteenweg 295, 1820 Steenokkerzeel). The police station is open every day between 07:00h and 19:00h.

You can load credits onto your wristband anywhere. With these tokens, you can pay both at the campsite and at the festival.

Drinking fountains with free water are available at the festival and camping site.

No. Showers are free of charge for our campers.

Yes. There is a free breakfast buffet every morning. After the festival hours, you will be able to buy late night snacks.

Pharmacy: De Ribaucourtplein 2, 1820 Perk

Bank: Tervuursesteenweg 114, 1820 Perk

Doctor: Doctor Anne Hendrikx: Krekelenhoekstraat 29, 1820 Perk. 

Doctor: Jacques De Taeye: Tervuursesteenweg 223, 1820 Perk.

No, you can’t – and they’re not available on the festival site either. But smoking is allowed if you throw away the cigarette butts in the trash cans or portable ashtrays.


Yes, you will find them in the shower area and in the power benches in the food zone. There will be smartphone charging stations on the festival-site.

Unfortunately, there will be no wifi on the campsite but we will provide extra 4G coverage.

There will be lockers on the campsite, as well as the festival site. PRO TIP: take a picture of the code with your mobile phone so you don’t forget it.

There are policemen patrolling the campsite and the festival site at all times. Police KASTZE (Tervuursesteenweg 295, 1820 Steenokkerzeel). The police station is open every day between 07:00h and 19:00h. Attention! You can also report to the police in your own place of residence.

Yes, we are significantly increasing the camping activities program, including morning runs, work-outs, yoga sessions and chill-out DJ sets. Exact hours will be communicated later.


Please head over to our transport and mobility page for all your answers.

We have night trains from Vilvoorde train station, thanks to our partnership with NMBS/SNCB. You can book your seat home after the festival with a night train ticket. That same ticket allows you to travel to the festival by train from any train station in Belgium. We will deploy shuttle buses between the Vilvoorde train station and the festival site.

Night train destinations for 2023 include: Brussels, Mechelen, Antwerp, Leuven and Hasselt. Night train tickets, details and full schedule on our transport page.

Yes, there will be free electric shuttles between the Vilvoorde station and the festival site continuously from Friday to Monday.

The following buses run from and to Perk: – 225: Kortenberg – Vilvoorde – 280: Mechelen – Vilvoorde – 681: Mechelen – Bonheiden – Perk – Zaventem – 682: Mechelen – Zemst – Perk – Zaventem Please check the www.delijn.be for the timetables.


Several parking areas will be available. Before entering Perk, you will have to access a protected parking area on your right-hand side – just follow the parking signs. The parking entrance is situated on the junction of the Tervuursesteenweg and Perksesteenweg in Perk. You can either buy the parking ticket online or pay on-site with your card (please remember that we don’t accept cash). That will cost you €15 for a single day or €25 for more than one day. Visitors who don’t carpool (less than three people per vehicle) pay an extra fee of €5.

Coming from Antwerp:
Take the E19 towards Brussels
Take exit N° 12 Vilvoorde and follow Steenokkerzeel.
Follow the signs to Paradise City

Coming from Brussels:
Leave R0 and take the E19 towards Antwerp.
Take exit N° 12 Vilvoorde and follow Steenokkerzeel.
Then, follow the signs to Paradise City.

Coming from E/W-Flanders:
Take the E40 towards Brussels and take the RO towards Zaventem.
Leave R0 and take the E19 towards Antwerp.
Take exit N° 12 Vilvoorde and follow Steenokkerzeel.
Follow the signs to Paradise City.

Coming from Charleroi:
Take the E420 towards Bruxelles/Zaventem
Leave R0 and take the E19 towards Antwerp.
Take exit N° 12 Vilvoorde and follow Steenokkerzeel.
Follow the signs to Paradise City.

Coming from Genk/Maastricht/Hasselt:
Take the E314 towards Brussels/Leuven/Antwerp/Genk
Passed Leuven take the E40 in the direction of Brussels.
Take the RO towards Zaventem.
Leave R0 and take the E19 towards Antwerp.
Take exit N° 12 Vilvoorde and follow Steenokkerzeel.
Follow the signs to Paradise City

Coming from Liège:
Take the E40 towards Brussels
Take the RO towards Zaventem.
Leave R0 and take the E19 towards Antwerp.
Take exit N° 12 Vilvoorde and follow Steenokkerzeel.
Follow the signs to Paradise City.

Visitors coming by taxi or ride-sharing services are advised to share their rides with as many other visitors as possible.

Taxi travellers can use the same destination address as the Kiss & Ride. Our drop-off point is located on the Kampenhoutsesteenweg. From there, follow the road signs and walk about 250 meters to the festival entrance. Scan this QR code to put the exact address on Waze: XXX

Before and after the festival hours, taxis will be waiting outside to bring you home safely. Please consider sharing your ride home with others. You can split the bill and help us limit our carbon footprint.

Here’s a list of taxi companies active in the area:

– Taxi 4 U: 0488 90 55 33

– Taxi Vilvorde: 02 759 65 77

– TAXI AM. 24H.: 0472 03 68

– Taxi Houtem: 0472 03 68 02


Yes of course, there will be food trucks on-site. Keep in mind we are a sustainable vegetarian festival. You can buy your drinks at the various bars.


At the festival entrance, we will scan and link your ticket to your wristband. Once this is activated, you can check in (and check out) during your stay by scanning your wristband. In short, your wristband is like your wallet – don’t lose it! 

To charge your wristband with credit, you can use one of our many top-up desks or special cashless top-up machines. You can also charge your wristband with our Paradise City app (which you’ll download on the Apple Store and Play Store soon) or your bank application (on the condition it’s linked with Payconiq).

When you want to have a drink or buy some food, you just have to scan your wristband. It’s as simple as that! Your available balance will be displayed at the bar. If you’re not sure, just ask the bartender. Note that we use reusable cups and that they have a recoverable deposit.

This year, we have four wristband charging options for you:

1. Top-up desks: spread across the festival grounds, where you can pay with your debit or credit card.

2. Cashless top-up machines: where you can charge your wristband quickly, only with your debit or credit card.

3. The Paradise City App: download and create/link your account, add your payment method, and you’re good to go. Download our app via App Store or Play Store, just look for ‘Paradise City’.

4. Your banking app. If your banking app is linked to Payconiq, you can directly top up your wristband. Just scan the QR code in the app. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for our Belgian visitors.

After every order you place at a bar, your left over credits will be shown on the device. If you forgot how many credits you have left, just go to a bar or cash desk and ask one of our crew members.

Want to refund the remaining credits on your wristband while the festival is still going? Just head over to a top-up station and get your unspent amount back on your credit/debit card.

If you still have some money left on your wristband after the festival, you can simply ask for a refund on our website afterwards. Refunds are active from July 4 (12:00) to July 18 (23:59) via this link: CREDIT REFUNDS.

That said, you will also be able to donate the credits left on your wristband to River Cleanup, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Belgium’s waterways healthy and clean. If you don’t request a refund, your amount left will be transferred to River Cleanup automatically.

And no worries, there is no GPS tracking device placed in your wristband, so the Paradise City Big Brother crew won’t be able to track you down (although this is on our to-do list for our 2084 edition).

NotePlease be aware that a small service fee of €1 will be charged. That’s why your wristband balance must be above €1,01 to be eligible for a refund.

There’s no limit. But for your own safety, the maximum amount you can recharge at once is €300.

No, this year we do not accept any cash.

Yes you can! There will be a Paradise City top of desk located at the camping, so you are able to charge your wristband all day and all night during your stay.

Every time you leave Paradise City and you want to come back the same day, you’ll have to check yourself out at the exit. This can be done easily: scan your wristband on the black boxes found at the exit, et voila.

It is your responsibility to check yourself out! Failing to do so may give you problems when checking back in the same day. Once you are ready to go to bed, you can exit the festival without checking yourself – we will reset all access control and you can scan your wristband the next day.


A first aid station will be permanently present on-site, clearly marked on the festival terrain and map. 

We also have a Healing Zone near the festival entrance. This is an area designated for people who have encountered harassment of any kind and who need a break. Please do not come and take a look if that’s not the case. We have a dedicated team of trained and approachable volunteers (called the Angels of Paradise) who are walking around the site in recognizable pink vests. If you deal with harassment (or if you see someone does) please approach these volunteers.

Please be aware that these people and our first aid workers stand in for your safety and the safety of others, so it’s highly recommended to follow their instructions carefully.

Additionally, a trained security team is also present on and around the festival.

Keep an eye out for each other and act if you see others deal with harassment of any kind. Our Angels of Paradise are easy to spot in their pink vests. Please approach them if you have any kind of issue or if you’re feeling unwell. These volunteers are well-trained to deal with these situations and they will listen to any problem you may have. If needed, our Angels of Paradise will take you to the Healing Zone, where you can escape the rowdiness and catch your breath.

Even if we limit the decibels, you should think about your ears. If you want to use reusable hearing protection specially designed for listening to music at concerts and festivals, our partner BLOX has what you need. Its model BLOX Music has an acoustic filter specially designed to enjoy an authentic sound while protecting your hearing. It will be available for sale at the merchandise booth. For the more discerning among you, take advantage of a 15% discount on the BLOX e-shop thanks to the promotional code ENJOYPC23. Valid on the whole range from May 1 to June 23 2023. Go to www.bloxearplugs.com.

Free foam earplugs will also be available at the info booth. We count on you to throw them in the garbage can and not on the floor. New this year: BLOX will have a collection point at the info booth for used foam earplugs, so that they can be recycled and transformed into components for urban furniture (bench, table, etc.).

Of course, if it’s legal medication.

Nope! You can not bring any illegal drug on site (the authorities will be present on-site). Same for your own alcohol: bars will be plentiful on site and at the camping.


There is no possibility to buy cigarettes on site this year but yes, you are allowed to smoke at the festival. 

Yes, but don’t lose it. We are not responsible for loss or theft of your stuff.

Yes you can. But please enjoy the festival with your senses and not through a lens or a phone display.

Please know that by entering the festival, you automatically agree and accept the terms of use of all video filming and photo image registrations and agree on Paradise City and our media partners to use these images. You will find photos of the events on our social media pages afterwards.

With exception of (semi) professional equipment, it is admitted to bring your digital camera.

We would love it when you share your pictures to use #paradisecity23!

By entering the festival, you automatically agree and accept the terms of use of all video filming and photo image registrations and agree on Paradise City and her media partners to use these images.

If you are accompanied by a guide dog for your disability, you may bring animals.

Bad temper – that’s not a joke. Paradise City is about gathering happy people, so mutual respect and respect for the environment are essential to being a good Citizen. Weapons, knives, glass, spray cans, regular cans, fireworks and umbrellas are not permitted. 

Our festival grounds are located on the beautiful castle grounds, so please be responsible and throw your garbage in the trash cans. Any behavior that damages the natural domain will not be tolerated. 

You’ll be extensively searched when entering the festival. And don’t get too wasted! Visitors who are too drunk will be removed from the premises. 

Illegal drugs are also illegal at Paradise City, and the authorities will be present on the festival site. Not only is open public drug use risky, but it’s also incredibly disrespectful towards your dancing neighbours.

Stealing or destroying properties of Paradise City or other parties is strictly forbidden! Visitors enter the festival ground at their own risk.. Always follow the guidelines of the site stewards, security and emergency services. In cases of discussion, the festival manager always has the last word. Use your common sense and do not bring others in danger.

Yes! The updated 2023 app will be available soon in the App Store and Play Store. More info to come.

The police of Steenokkerzeel will centralize everything. Contact the info-point. They will help you further.


Contact the info-point. They will help you further.

You can find those on our official app. Timetables are also available on-site at the entrance of every stage.


Yes, please check our ‘get involved page’: https://paradisecity.be/get-involved/


Send an email to ann@lab2.be (Subject: Paradise City Festival)


Contact us here: https://paradisecity.be/contact, send a mail to info@paradisecity.be or DM us on Instagram for a quicker response.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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