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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Jun. 15, 2023 in All, Green, News
EM mud balls for clean waterways at Paradise City Festival.

We have some excellent sustainability news about our upcoming edition to share. 

In a unique collaboration between EM Belgium, Agriton Belgium, the Sint Cajetanus School Perk and Paradise City, the waterways of the festival site will be filtered, cleaned and enriched with EM mud balls, restoring the water to its pure form in a natural and ecological way.

EM mud balls are packed with Effective Microorganisms (EM), which create a natural balance, restoring and improving micro life on the pond bottom. Furthermore, they contain clay minerals and EM ceramic powder. 

We owe a big thank you to the children of the Sint Cajetanusschool in Perk. Over 95 children from 3rd to 6th grade helped make as many as 1450 mud balls. The original target was 850, but this number was far exceeded thanks to the children’s enthusiastic efforts.

After rolling the balls, they were left in the school’s attic to dry for four to five weeks. This painstaking process ensured that the mud balls were ready for use by the end of May. With much enthusiasm, they were thrown into the water of the castle pond on May 26 where they could begin their work.

It has been a valuable experience for the children of the school next door, who have received lessons on the process and benefits of EM mud balls. This initiative demonstrates the importance of promoting ecological practical lessons and engaging younger generations in sustainable efforts. For more information about the school’s efforts, head over to this link.

The use of EM mud balls aims to remove silt from the pond, introduce oxygen to the water, and restore and enrich micro-life, allowing more animal and plant life to thrive in the waterways. This will help to maintain a healthy and vibrant water environment year-round.

Although EM mud balls have been used in Belgium for 25 years, they are relatively unknown to the general public. Therefore, this project provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the benefits of this natural water purification method.

When you visit the beautiful castle estate during Paradise City festivities, make sure you treat our waterways with the respect they deserve. Furthermore, August 8 is the official ‘World EM Mudball Day’.

Please check out our Green Page for all the details of our extensive sustainability plan.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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