Paradise City Festival 2022

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Check out the lineup of the first edition of Doel Festival

Together with our friends from Klub Dramatik, we are proud to present the lineup of the first edition of a brand new music festival with four stages on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September, right in Doel’s downtown area. However, do not expect fireworks or extravagant entertainment. Doel Festival will deliberately remain a small-scale festival with a simple production that seamlessly blends in with the unique architecture of the municipality.

Here’s the (nearly) complete lineup for the first edition of our new story. From deep trips to high-energy peaks, join us on a sonic journey set in a mythical town.

World-renowned selectors like Donato Dozzy, DJ Dustin (Giegling), Dyed Soundorom & Evan Baggs, GiGi FM, DJ Nobu, Shifted, Nosedrip and Suze Ijo will deliver thrilling trips through their unique record collections. Those looking for a rave will find one when names like MCMLXXXV, Héctor Oaks, Ceephax Acid Crew or Sweely will hit the stage. Furthermore, local talents like Lola Haro, Emily Jeanne, Hill Men and Phara will prove why they are amongst the nation’s best.

Tickets for Doel Festival 2022 will go on sale on June 16.

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