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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Jun. 04, 2023 in All, News, Partners, Practical
Discover the food trucks at Paradise City 2023

Good music should come with some good food – and good food doesn’t have to damage our ecosystem. Our menu is entirely vegetarian, and our food trucks serve delicious meals with the lowest environmental impact possible. All ingredients are seasonal, local and served in compostable or washable tableware. More so, in anticipation of Paradise City, our food truck curator helps every food truck to make its menu more sustainable.

In cooperation with our food partner BelOrta, a large CO2 calculator will be present at the food court, offering you a more detailed insight into each available dish’s environmental impact (or lack thereof). So get a taste of these fantastic food partners and charge your batteries for an unforgettable festival weekend.

Fritez Haute Friture

For years, Fritez has been driving around its food trucks to fulfil its mission to change fast food into ‘fast good’. This truck only uses fair and local products that are produced organically and sustainably. Every bio potato is freshly cut and gets baked just enough to become the perfect gold-brown fries you have ever tasted! Choose your kind of sauce, and there it is; your Haute Friture. Driven by happiness, served with a smile by our fries fanatics!


Fast and healthy makes you happy! After working corporate jobs for years, the Wanderlust founders were annoyed to find how rare a quick, tasty, healthy lunch can be. And so they changed their lives. Nowadays, they cook delicious and healthy food with fresh ingredients. Best of all, it’s all super local. With roots in Steenokkerzeel, the festival is quite literally their back garden! Just for Paradise City, they created the Sweet Paradise Fries, delicious sweet potato fries with lime mayo.

OTTO Street Food

Michiel Govaert and his team have been driving around Belgium with food trucks and street food catering since 2006. This team of food lovers focuses on fresh homemade quality with a hint of Italian flavours. So come and taste OTTO‘s delicious flatbread pizzas with a surprising twist.


Barzinho is a well-known healthy and sustainable food partner at many festivals. They have developed a unique and delicious vegetarian pita for Paradise City. No tofu, Quorn, or soy – just celery root, baby! It’s low waste, healthy and entirely made from local ingredients.

Pura Vida

Antwerp’s Pura Vida will bring plant-based Mexican food to the Paradise City food court. Enjoy vegan tacos, tortas, quesadillas and empanadas with mouthwatering ingredients that taste better than meat-based ones.

Ice Jewels & Daydreams

Ice Jewels & Daydreams indulges us with homemade ice pops made of fresh fruit without additives. Some ice pops even have a little alcohol, like the mojito, pink negroni or strawberry caipirinha pops. On top of that, they only use natural ingredients like cane sugar and seasonal fruit for their homemade pancakes and pies. All these treats are served with lots of love and passion!

Think Tomato

Think Tomato produces premium tomato sauce made from 96% Belgian cherry tomatoes. They offer three versions: the original, the spicy one and the one with ricotta. At Paradise City, they will serve these three different savours on top of your selection of plant-based pasta. It’s pure, it’s Belgian, it’s honest, and it’s healthy!

Banh Mi

Meet the winners of our 2022 Sustainability Award! Tasty Asian food that’s not too heavy? Say no more. Banh Mi combines a Vietnamese baguette, rice bowl and noodle salad with homemade curry tofu or sautéed tempeh. The result is a Vietnamese sandwich with homemade marinades and unique herb mixes that is easy to digest and not too spicy (unless that’s what you want)!

The Plant Based Guys

The Plant Based Guys are introducing some greasy goodness based on juicy, tender, well-seasoned and sauced chunks – the perfect meat-free swap for all your favourite dishes. So seize the day with the ideal party fuel, from a Sloppy Bun to Fried Dingelings or a Fried Dingel Kroket.

Davai Dumplings

This young business from Ghent creates street food based on their colourful Davai Dumplings. What are those? These dumplings are filled dough, just like ravioli or dim sum, but these have vegetables – from tomato and bell pepper to edamame beans and fresh ginger puree. All dishes are finished with crunchy toppings and delicious dips!


From the supermarket to the festival food court. In the last two years, BonMush conquered events with its delicious vegetarian alternatives based on oyster mushrooms. At Paradise City, they will present the two latest versions of its tasty hamburgers. A solid snack that surprises even the biggest meat lovers; the perfect pit stop during your dancing sessions.

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste serves its beloved organic food in three locations in Belgium – one in Ghent, two in Brussels – and four locations in New York City. Their philosophy is about returning to basics: pure, fresh, recognizable, and accessible food we can easily trace to its origins. So come and taste their plant-based chilli, sushi and curry.

Pois Chiche

Founded by two ketjes on a mission, Pois Chiche shows you that a quick bite can be tasty and sustainable. This spot is a conscious Middle Eastern food bar bringing some of the best Levantine street food to Brussels. At Paradise City, you can enjoy their falafel wraps with cauliflower or halloumi.

Okapi International

Okapi International was founded in 2012 by two friends of Belgian and Congolese origins who were passionate about African cuisine. At Paradise City, they will bring their delicious versions of Jollof Butternut, Jollof Mafé and vegetarian samosas.

Poké Poké

Poké Poké started in 2018 after the founders discovered a lack of tasty and healthy food options at festivals in Belgium. With a base of rice and super fresh toppings, Hawaiian pokébowls are ideal festival food: surprisingly delicious, ready in a flash and a healthy bite you can’t get enough of.

Zenko Superfoods

ZENKO is a healthy snack company founded by three Belgian explorers with a mission to promote diversity on your plate. Zenko explores ancient superfoods and transforms them into modern, nutritious, plant-based snacks. This crunchy bite based on popped water lily seeds brings more variety to your diet while protecting the planet and empowering the people who make them.


BelOrta‘s produce is lovely local. Almost a thousand farmers – from Voeren to Zeeland – grow the tastiest vegetables and juiciest fruit daily. From farm to table, every piece ends up straight onto your plate in a record time. So come here for your vitamin boost with flavourful and cracking fresh snacks.

De Vegetarische Slager

Feast without the beast! This is the only butcher loved by both people and animals. They said it could never be done and that plant-based food will always taste like plants, but De Vegetarische Slager responded without making compromises, not on taste, not on the planet or animals. Raise your forks. A new age of meat has arrived.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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