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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted Jun. 20, 2022 in All, News, Practical
Discover the food trucks at Paradise City 2022

Good music should come with some good food – and good food doesn’t have to damage our ecosystem. Our food trucks serve delicious meals with the lowest environmental impact possible. Ingredients are seasonal and biological, served in compostable or washable tableware. Like every year, the menu is meat-free (although there will be some options with sustainably caught fish). Moreover, these food trucks have joined forces to source their ingredients locally and organically. So get a taste of these fantastic food partners and charge your batteries for an unforgettable festival weekend.


Barzinho is all about healthy, local and sustainable food. At Paradise City, Barzinho will offer a delicious veggie pitta. No tofu, no Quorn, no soy – just celery root, baby!


As the 5th generation in a family of butchers based in Ypres, BonMush missed the great taste, texture and quality in most veggie alternatives. So they decided to develop their own meat-free alternative based on oyster mushrooms. For Paradise City, BonMush picked out their two best vegetarian sausages: the Boudin Blanc and the Farmer’s Sausage (Boerenworst), giving them a twist. Additionally, they will offer two delicious, fully equipped Haute Dogs.

Mission Masala

How about some Indian soul food with a twist? Hell yeah! Mission Masala already has two restaurants, one in Antwerp and one in Ghent, but now they’ll bring their tasty Pow Pow burger, Butter Paneer and Samosa Chaat to our Paradise City Citizens.

Yalla Yalla

Yalla Yalla (‘come on’ in Arabic) started seven years ago when two sisters wanted to share their delicious homemade falafel with the world. This team, with restaurants in Ghent and Antwerp, has been a regular guest at Paradise City for years, and it’s easy to see why.

Ray & Jules

Coffee may be delicious; a kilogram of roasted coffee usually costs 1,5 kilograms of CO2 emissions. Ray & Jules want to offer a sustainable alternative, which is why they have developed their own slow roaster powered by solar energy – a unique feature worldwide. So let’s enjoy our cup of black gold without damaging our environment, shall we? Fun fact: Ray refers to a ray of sunshine and Jules to ‘Joule’, the unit in which energy is measured.

Think Tomato

Think Tomato is a premium tomato sauce brand. 96% of their recipe consists of cherry tomatoes produced entirely in Belgium, also available in spicy and ricotta variations. At Paradise City, Think Tomato will team up with fellow local brands Bio Bene (organic pasta) and Vach Blue (organic cheese). Everything on offer is 100% Belgian, 100% honest and 100% healthy!


Greenway is a well-known player in the Belgian meat-free game. Their philosophy consists of making the changes you want to see in the world. Change doesn’t come overnight; it comes one bite at a time. So go and try the famous Smashed Greenway Burger and taste it yourself.

Banh Mi

Tasty Asian food in a sandwich? Hell yes! Banh Mi (named after the banh mi sandwich) offers the most famous street snack in Vietnam: a French baguette with a rice or noodle salad, joined by homemade curry tofu or sautéed tempeh. It’s incredibly flavorful, easy to digest and not too spicy (unless that’s what you want). The secret ingredient? Special homemade marinades, herb mixes and a boatload of love!

Jean Sur Mer

The pioneer in the Belgian food truck scene! For the lovers of the sea and all its treasures. Jean Sur Mer only serves seasonal fish, caught sustainably and locally, which means fresh!


Fritez doesn’t do fast food; it does fast good. Every potato in this friterie deluxe is grown locally, organically, and cut fresh. They fry their goodies just the right amount to create these perfect, gold-brown, crispy fries we Belgians love. Our national dish, upgraded – call it haute friture. Please don’t call them French fries around here.


Steenokkerzeel represent! Frustrated with the lack of healthy lunch options while working in the corporate world, the founders of Wanderlust decided to start preparing proper fresh food that’s not covered in grease. For the occasion, they will offer Sweet Paradise Fries – sweet potato fries with lime mayo.


Qinti, the Inca goddess of quinoa, will share her treasures at Paradise City. This food truck uses quinoa to create extremely tasteful veggie burgers and croquettes. Served with some homemade mayo, these snacks will get you dancing through the day and night and day and night.

OTTO Street Food

Michiel Govaert and his team have been driving through Belgium with their food trucks since 2006. Delicious flatbread pizza’s with a twist, made with locally sourced products – we’re sure you’ve never tried organic pizza like this before!

Ice Jewels & Daydreams

Homemade ice pops made of fresh fruit without additives – sounds good, right? Feeling funky? Some popsicles even have a little alcohol, like the mojito, pink negroni or strawberry caipirinha ones. And on top of that, they only use natural ingredients (like cane sugar) and seasonal fruit for their homemade pancakes and pies. Life is short; eat dessert first.

De Koezina

De Koezina is a unique Moroccan food experience. They bring you authentic oriental flavours with all their delicious colours and scents. The vegetarian couscous and tajine are based on a traditional family recipe from one generation to the next.

Boker Tov

Tel Aviv is a colourful city full of contrasts, smells and flavours – and Boker Tov brings that melting pot to Paradise City. The Boker Tov kitchen uses an abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables in their restaurants throughout Antwerp and their food truck. So prepare to be immersed in the fantastic Middle Eastern cuisine.

Bicho Malo

Bicho Malo means ‘evil bug’, coming from the Spanish saying ‘bicho malo nunca muere’, which translates to ‘weeds do not perish’. The Mexican street food concept stands for good and simple food, a warm and sexy rock ‘n roll vibe and a healthy amount of self-mockery. So come and taste their pancitos and tacos, if you dare.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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