Boats Live Stream

Dear citizens,

We've missed you… But in the past few months, we've been working on something that will give us a chance to reconnect. On July 1st and 2nd, we’ll be live streaming from the beautiful domain of Ribaucourt with some carefully selected artists and in presence of 200 lucky citizens per day. A kind of intimate edition of Paradise City.

On this special occasion, 200 lucky citizens per day will be able to attend the event for free and enjoy live concerts and DJ-sets, from boats. These boats will allow people to participate in the event in a corona proof way.

Winners will be able to choose 7 of their friends to share their boat with (only from your restricted 10-person bubble)! They will be contacted by e-mail next week!

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Wednesday July 1st

Âme (live)
DTM Funk
Leafar Legov (Giegling)

Thursday July 2nd

Charlotte Adigéry
Lola Haro

Grab your chance to win a boat for you and your friends! Winners will be contacted by e-mail next week!

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▩ The event will take place on 2 days. Each winner can join us on 1 day.
▩ Opening time : 18:00 - 22:00.
▩ There will be drinks and food available, no orders at bars.
▩ No dancing allowed on the boats. You can stand or sit.
▩ No more than 8 people per boat. Be sure to meet up with your whole bubble before getting on your boat.
▩ All personnel and crew will wear masks.
▩ Wash and disinfect your hands whenever possible.
▩ Respect social distancing. Keep 1,5m distance from each other when queueing.
▩ Please stay home if you feel sick or unwell.
▩ Bring your mask with you, it will only serve in case of emergency.
▩ The Steenokkerzeel police insists that only people with an invitation should show up at the venue.
▩ Winners of the contest will get additional guidelines in their mailbox.


Due to the very limited capacity of the live event, we have worked with Accenture Interactive to push barriers and connect with as many citizens as possible. This year’s festival will also take place as an interactive livestream event that everyone can experience together on virtual boats. Create a boat and invite your friends to a private viewing party! More information available soon!

This event was made possible thanks to our partners :