Nico Morano - Paradise City 2018

Nico Morano

sunday - Nico Morano & Friends
20:00 - 22:00

Nico Morano’s Top 5

  1. Patrice Bäumel
  2. Denis Horvat
  3. Satori (Live)
  4. DJ Koze
  5. WhoMadeWho (Live)

“As I’m hosting my own stage on Paradise City Festival on Sunday 1st of July, it would be logic I would name the artists on my stage as THE MUST SEE ones! So I would advise you to come and see: Patrice Bäumel, Denis Horvat, Tsepo and Stavroz! BUT…. In respect of the other artists on the other days I will talk about the other ones to which I could also really appreciate as I would also like to have had them on my stage, but time slots are limited.

1. Patrice Bäumel is THE best remixer of 2017-2018! Over the last years I think his tracks and remixes are the most played in my DJ sets. Talking about his remixes for example: Monolink – Sirens ; Cubicolor – Dead End Thrills ; Khen – Land of Goshen and when Depeche Mode ask you to do a remix… then you know you are TOP quality. But besides all of this remix work… He is also a solid DJ and that’s of course super important. His recent set at CRSSD Festival gave me absolute goose bumps: can’t wait to have him on my stage on the first of July!

2. So… Patrice as remixer of the year. Who’s the producer of the year then? Well for me this honour goes to Denis Horvat. Semi-Danish, semi-Croatian, but 100% electronical wizard. He’s highly appreciated by the crème de la crème in the quality house scene. All of his productions are pushed by Âme, Dixon and Adriatique (just to name a few). His latest appearance on Exit Strategy just tops it off. This is my top-3 Denis Horvat tracks: Paradorn, Lodi, Cedevita. This guy sound is super impactful on the dancefloor. So… I’m super sure you are excited to dance your socks off. So… again… place to be? Nico Morano & Friends Stage – 1st of July: 18.00-20.00: Denis Horvat. It is as simple is that!

3. So we had the best producer and the best remixer … of the year. Now up to the best LIVE act of the year to Satori for me. Just watch this and an immense smile will appear on your lovely face. Organic balkan beats, downtempo, uptempo… he can do it all. I saw his act on Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 last October and I was just blown away by the energy this guy delivers to the dancefloor. EPIC.

4. Where to begin? DJ Koze = just pure genuine love for electronic music. He’s a cameleon who can adapt amazingly to his crowd. See him in Scotland and at Dekmantel (Holland)… and you will understand. And then there are his productions and remixes… Who remembers this floor burner? His remake of Bad Kingdom is maybe the most played track ever I guess? 🙂 Instant happiness. Let’s wait and see what he will prepare for us on Paradise City Festival!

5. And then, maybe not the biggest…. but sooooo worth wild to see…. WhoMadeWho! Just one video to convince you… From Denmark with love. AMAZING.

I just would like to say… come and enjoy them all the full 3 days. Lovely vibe, the sweetest location and the best crowd… Every year, this festival, is one of my highlights where I’m looking very forward to.”

Nico’s the man! He is probably one of the most popular DJs in Belgium right now, but he has been around for long. But most importantly the energy he brings is just….oooofff…Indescribable. He stand at the forefront of the melodic sounds and for the second year in a row he will be hosting his on stage on Sunday with “Nico Morano & Friend”s. And if you don’t know this guy personally, go say hi to him on Sunday, you’ll see he is great fun.

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