Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester

Nowhere But Here


Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester

Kalabrese is one of the more glittering characters in Zurich’s music scene and mingling at the frontline as DJ, producer and as co-owner of the legendary club Zukunft. Through his very own style as a producer, Sacha Winkler caused a stir outside of Switzerland. Radio stations like KCRW in America or Sonica Ibiza played regularly times songs of the independent dancer album. Spotify playlists and over 200k-regular members helped also to spread Kalabreses non-perfect dance groove in the last year. Kalabrese and his Rumpelorchestra is a great stage experience. Over the years the band performed regularly and built a base for their extended hypnotic live sound.

The festival wants to contribute to the comeback of live music with a very rare performance of Kalabrese together with his Rumpelorchester : Friday night, on the Nowhere But Here Stage !

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Also playing at Paradise City

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