Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Ziggy Zeitgeist has become a staple of the Australian music scene. Touring and recording with Melbourne Nu-Soul/ future-jazz collective, ‘30/70’ has enabled Zeitgeist to forge new frontiers in improvisation and drum-set application. Zeitgeist has stepped up to the role of bandleader in the debut self-titled album Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange.


Yamour is known for her ability to play both techno and house sets with equal dedication and enthusiasm. The vinyl-only DJ finds her signature sound rooted in classic US techno and house music while incorporating new contemporary releases, aiming to be both current and timeless. The Berlin native’s deep knowledge and appreciation of music led […]


As a Belgo-Colombian model, Calao traveled the world tand lived in places like NYC, LA, Paris, London, Milan and Barcelona. With the roots of her first love for rap and hip hop in place, Calao likes to combine tribal and progressive house into an hypnotic atmosphere. Her sharp tracks selection invites the dancer to travel […]


Bods is a versatile music producer who draws inspiration from a multitude of genres. His productions and mixes range from ghetto house, breaks, acid, and trance – a true musical tour de force, combining raw energy and pure emotion. In short, Bods is an authentic, passionate, and slightly crazy music producer who doesn’t take himself […]

Charmaine & DTM Funk

Surely you must know DTM Funk’s reputation as one of Belgium’s finest selectors by now. The Antwerp-born DJ has roots in the footwork scene before widening his scope and becoming a respected enthusiast of soulful house, disco, grooves and worldwide beats. The San-Kofa Rhythm label head and Kiosk Radio resident has invited Rotterdam’s Charmaine, who […]

Ben Kamal

Hovering in between the spectrum of electro, house and techno with a certain love for kinetic basslines and subtle bleeps, Ben Kamal interacts with the environment and audience in his minimalistic and demanding approach to create the trip he envisions. Next to his passion for sharing the new (re)discoveries that touch him the most, you […]

Ben Balance

In the words of the Berlin-based Love Sex and Zodiacs resident: “My speciality is creating high-energy sets that blend genres like house, acid, and techno. I pride myself on energising crowds and getting them moving on the dance floor. Crowd dynamics are no secret to me. I know how to read the room to keep […]

Ava Eva & Tom Smeyers

Two of Belgium’s most exciting names share the decks for a set embracing the broad spectrum of 90’s New York deep house, Detroit techno and everything that sounds fresh and funky. We Are Various resident radio host Ava Eva, and La Cabane resident DJ Tom Smeyers bring a solid combo of fresh enthusiasm and experience […]

Allysha Joy

Allysha is an integral member of the Melbourne soul jazz scene, known as part of the acclaimed 30/70 Collective and for her own equally revered solo work. Her lyrics weave together a heartfelt mix of love, power, wonder, anger, faith and hope for change. An artist that presents a palette of intricate grace and optimism […]

DJ Peugeot

As a longtime resident and friend of Soulful Sessions and co-founder of Sweaty Palms, DJ Peugeot covers a wide array of styles and tempo ranges. Expect to be drifting from dreamy Balearic to rhythmic jazz and energetic house. Buckle up for a ride that is as thrilling as it is mesmerizing. Vroom vroom.

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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