Portable (live)

Portable (or Bodycode) is a South African DJ, producer, composer and singer. His music is drenched in sunshine, tailor-made for the dancefloor in high temperatures. Expect the man to bring his latest material in an exciting new live performance.


Having multiple projects under her belt, Ojerime has explored her sound while staying connected to her core inspiration. 90s R&B has been the backdrop of every song while balancing contemporary production that takes the listener on a hazy journey.

Chez Damier

Already a legendary figure in electronic music since 1989, Chicago DJ Chez Damier has played close witness to many of the pivotal moments in the history of house and techno. A regular around the world from DC10 in Ibiza to Smart Bar Chicago, this living legend is a modern house hero.


This excellent DJ-artist duo – half Italian, half Croatian – met on a night out in Berlin and never parted ways. Both artists already had a career, but when combined, they are a proper force to be reckoned with. House, techno, electro – you name it, ERIS delivers.


Najaaraq Vestbirk is a Greenlandic-born artist based between Copenhagen and Berlin. Her multidisciplinary practice investigates the history of electronic dance music with a particular focus on the trance genre. Spanning composition, DJ-ing, performance and video work, Vestbirk approaches the aesthetics of trance and rave from a therapeutic angle.

Forbidden Fruit (live)

Forbidden Fruit, also known as beatmaker TITLE, recently released his Soft Focus on DTM Funk’s San-Kofa Rhythm Records. Expect forbidden electro, acid, house and disco – all rolled up into one exciting live set.

Reptant (live)

This Melbourne-based artist expands upon the classic sounds of acid, electro and techno while maintaining a consistent and recognisable sound. Reptant has been releasing a steady stream of records (like on Belgium’s Kalahari Oyster Cult, for example) earning him a spot at institutions Boiler Room and Berghain.


K.ZIA is a Brussels-born, Berlin-based, singer, songwriter and artistic director. Her vibrant music blends up alternative R&B, soul, pop, trap and afrobeat. Born of a Martinican father and a Belgo-Congolese mother – internationally acclaimed Artist Zap Mama – K.ZIA was raised amongst many cultures and has travelled the world, giving her a unique view on art […]


Nikomba is a category-rejecting selector that floats playfully between dreamy strains, club and booty bounce tracks. This Ghent-based DJ has crossed festivals like Pukkelpop, Dour Festival, Deep in the Woods off her list – and now Paradise City too.

Nadine Adjani

Ghent’s Nadine has been playing records under various monikers since 2010. She explores the boundaries of house and techno, interspersed with funky disco cuts or acidic electro jams. Combining old, new, rough and polished, her sets can be described as eclectic and mood-based. It shows in her performances, a blend of carefully selected gems from […]