No longer one of dance musics’ best-kept secrets, Cormac’s reputation as a revered selector has rapidly spread. The Queer Northern Ireland-born DJ is now soundtracking dancefloors the world over with his unique take on HI-NRG Italo house. Cormac was a listener and dancefloor staple at zeitgeist-defining London institutions such as Trade, Nag Nag Nag, and […]

Deadbeat & Tikiman

Deadbeat is one Scott Monteith, an adopted Montrealer who has been releasing his own special blend of dub-laden, minimal electronics since 2000 for labels such as Cynosure, Intr_version, Revolver, and Scape. Whether crafting quirky, not-quite-dancefloor techno or rumbling digital dub, Scott continually strives to create music that honours the past beyond empty tribute or cultural […]

Gabrielle Kwarteng

Gabrielle Kwarteng’s journey so far is one of passion, dedication and the occasional strike of fate. Born and raised in New York, Kwarteng’s name has recently risen in prominence throughout a challenging time for dance music and club culture. A DJ, radio host and curator, her sets have recently enchanted Panorama Bar in Berlin (four […]


An outspoken voice in the normally non-confrontational world of electronic dance music, Moodymann (Kenny Dixon Jr.) is committed to keeping a distinctly black imprint on techno and house. The Moodymann sound is a hybrid form of techno/house dance music arrived at via the innovative use of reworked riffs, samples and grooves. While he may frustrate […]

Mosley Jr (live)

Mosley Jr is a Belgian electronic outlet comprising of AMyn and IJsbrand De Wilde, a member of the band Stavroz. Their moniker includes ‘junior’, but that might just as well be ‘senior’. Creative solutions, a broad scale of feelings, an occasional moment of pure insanity fused with looming lofi grooves and unique four-to-the-floor goodness. Unnerving, […]

Omar S

Omar S is an electronic music producer from Detroit, Michigan. Famous for his raw, stripped-back approach to creating and marketing his music, Omar is considered one of the great current forces driving the sound of Detroit house and techno forward. He’s not one to be messed with, and he is notorious for doing things his own […]

Zombies in Miami (live)

Zombies in Miami is a project created by Cani and Jenouise, and despite the name, they are not crawling around Miami but shining out their light from Mexico. The couple became one of the most prominent members of Mexico‘s vital electronic scene over the last decade. You can call their sound a rhythmic and synth-driven […]

Konstantin Sibold

Since Konstantin Sibold appeared on the world stage with his breakthrough track Madeleine on Innervions, he‘s been cementing his status as one of the most versatile and innovative DJs and producers of the house and techno scene. He’s back for his sixth visit to Paradise City, making him our most booked artist to date. Konstantin […]


RY X gravitates towards connection. Connection to nature, his emotions, his body and spirit, and the human experience. On his third transcendental solo album, Blood Moon, the Australian musician delves into what inspires the pull into these spaces – the ways in which we move through the world – in songs that serve as the […]

Rochelle Jordan

Without experimentation, innovation is impossible. For Rochelle Jordan, this desire for sonic expansion has been long embedded into her fusion of futuristic and ancestrally soulful R&B. To listen to a track on ROJO, her latest album, is to absorb a phosphorescent but subtle blend of sampledelic 90s pop, vintage UK house and garage, 31st century […]