Job Jobse & Sedef Adasi

Amsterdam’s Job Jobse is eas­i­ly one of the most ver­sa­tile and in-demand DJs around the globe. Armed with an infectious smile and a USB filled with undiscovered dance anthems, he never fails to make a dancefloor explode. If you’re looking for the perfect party starter, this man is right for the job. For the occasion, […]

Christian Löffler (live)

Christian Löffler’s art is heavily inspired by his environment. He lives and works, both as a painter and musician, in the remote Darss Peninsula in Germany’s northeast and his atelier can be found within a rustic log cabin surrounded by overgrown wilderness overlooking the Baltic Sea. The area has provided him with the solitude necessary […]

Dee Diggs

Dee Diggs bares her soul and loses her inhibitions when she touches those DJ decks. When she plays, she lets it all show. The NYC-based DJ transmits the pure joy that comes from a devoted appreciation of dance music. She is unapologetically black, queer, and a lifelong student of House Music. This shines through in […]

Fais Le Beau

Diego Cozzi aka Fais Le Beau is a passionate DJ born and raised in Luxembourg and living in Belgium for the past 10 years. In Brussels, his career started by becoming a resident DJ at Catclub. Since 2017, Diego co-runs the Gay Haze parties, famous events that created a safer space for the whole queer community. […]


Hame is an Amsterdam-based producer who is releasing his debut EP this late summer on Lola Haro’s future label, Small Steps. With his productions, Hame combines energy with emotion to create those moments of unity and understanding on the dancefloor. Shared feelings without the barrier of words. His live set has deep, groovy basslines that […]


ISAbella is one of the leading figures in the Barcelona club scene, but her reach goes far beyond the DJ booth. A co-founder of the celebrated LGBTQ+ party, platform and collective MARICAS, the Colombia native has become a veritable icon within the city’s queer community while carving out space for dancers of all stripes and […]


Berlin-based DJ-producer Matthias certainly earned his own sound signature that neatly evokes the roots between house, techno and electro, where seductive joy and solid-profound swing rhythms are both equally combined. He crafted tracks for his unique musical imprint Superliminal, but alsoconsequently released on labels such as Faciendo, Cabaret, Art Of Dark, and Foundation. The German […]

Melissa Juice

Always gay as in happy, always queer as in ‘fuck you’. Melissa Juice is a Canada-born, Brussels-based dancefloor demon and (hyper)active member of the city’s queer and selector scenes. Mixing everything from meticulously constructed soundscapes to wild raves, her sets are fluid, versatile and unapologetic. Long blends and layered grooves tie together her multitude of […]


As part of the RA+RE agency, DJ Melody starts residencies at Berlin’s infamous Club der Visionaere and Hoppetosse. Back home in Paris, she becomes a regular at the famous Rex Club and Breakfast Club afterparties she co-organizes. As a DJ, Melody delivers a punch in her sets, backed by a vivid digger’s collection, ever meddling […]

Fred P & Molly

‘Deep’ is perhaps the word most associated with Fred P, and for once, an accurate portrayal. With eleven albums, innumerable releases and decades of DJ-ing into his career, the New York-turned-Berlin resident continues to push further into his own sound. For those fortunate enough to be present for one of Fred’s cathartic, physical and spiritual […]