Driven by the feeling of music and the dancefloor, Colombian DJ Adi has been diving into electronic music and underground club culture for a while now. Exploring DJ-ing since 2013, she brings a distinct groove to her sets. Influenced by a diverse soundscape from Latin jazz and soul to psychedelic and experimental house. She translates […]


This legendary New Jersey-based DJ-producer referred to himself as ‘the dancer’s DJ’, a self-title honestly earned given his background as a world-travelling house dancer through the 90s and resident at New York’s esteemed HouseDanceConference. He’s been steadily reinforcing that description ever since with a well-received run of rhythmic, dark, stripped-down productions for his Strength Music […]


Venezuelan-born, Berlin-based Hyperaktivist has been shaking the scene in and outside Berlin with her characteristic energetic sets, oscillating between faster techno and house with big influences from the 90s and old-school tracks. You can find her playing from Tresor’s closings sets to Berlin’s most renewed clubs, bringing her characteristic energy and commitment to the dance […]

Interplanetary Criminal

Interplanetary Criminal is a pioneering DJ, producer and co-head of the independent label ATW Records. The Manchester-born producer first debuted in 2016 and since then has released a string of rave-ready singles and EPs on up-and-coming labels like E-Beamz and Kalahari Oyster Cult. Over time he’s cultivated his UKG sound, turning heads in even the […]

Maayan Nidam (live)

Maayan Nidam is an artist in flux who continues to change, evolve and challenge boundaries both in her Berlin studio and on stage. Her sound is predominantly based on stripped-back and deep sounds, which makes for some magical moments on the dance floor. As a musician obsessed with sound and the technology behind its creation, […]

Mano Le Tough

Mano Le Tough is a globally renowned electronic music producer and DJ. A native Irishman, a former resident of Berlin, and currently living in Zürich, the international in spirit Mano has become a unique and important voice in today’s vibrant electronic music landscape. He runs the record label Maeve alongside The Drifter and Baikal which […]

Mika Oki & Ojoo Gyal

Doing wonders in her many radio shows, it’s difficult to realise Mika Oki’s taste in rumbles and undeniable love for sounds from across the Channel (drum and bass, UK garage, 2-step or grime) before seeing her on the dancefloor. Never hesitating to alternate a 90s dance anthem with an obscure juke track, she also gathers […]

Carlos Willengton

This man is a legend you need to see to believe; because nobody’s enthusiasm comes even close to the love this man feels for his vinyl records. Born in Uruguay, DJ Carlos Willengton began his career as a professional DJ in the early 80s and reached the Mediterranean coast in Spain a few years later, […]


Out and about since early 2015, Timmerman has been steadily cutting his teeth in Belgian underground nightlife ever since. While comfortably switching the media players for turntables and back, he walks the lines between all things house music — in the broadest sense of the word. To be found in his record bag are mostly […]

Oden & Fatzo (live)

Oden & Fatzo is a French electronic live-act trio. Having a rich sound palette, their universe stands out with a mix of uptempo beat House, solar minimal, breakbeat electro and UK Garage. Mainly inspired by funk, jazz and hip-hop, their project is full of different influences. Through their label Saké Records, the trio tells the […]