Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Ziggy Zeitgeist has become a staple of the Australian music scene. Touring and recording with Melbourne Nu-Soul/ future-jazz collective, ‘30/70’ has enabled Zeitgeist to forge new frontiers in improvisation and drum-set application. Zeitgeist has stepped up to the role of bandleader in the debut self-titled album Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange.


As a Belgo-Colombian model, Calao traveled the world tand lived in places like NYC, LA, Paris, London, Milan and Barcelona. With the roots of her first love for rap and hip hop in place, Calao likes to combine tribal and progressive house into an hypnotic atmosphere. Her sharp tracks selection invites the dancer to travel […]

Stella Zekri

Stella represents an encouraging generation of DJs in Berlin that set out to keep things interesting. She has forged a singular path as an exhilarating DJ, unafraid to slow down and sensualize the dancefloor while providing a myriad of euphoria. Deemed the queen of long sets, Stella’s sets have become somewhat of a phenomenon in […]


Catalina has been taking steady leaps in the Brussels electronic music scene as a Romania-via-London transplant. A regular on the airwaves of Bruzz and Kiosk Radio, she’s made a name for herself by exploring the chemistry between deconstructed weighty, percussive tempos and aquatic melodies, all the while borrowing elements from her musical beginnings in the […]

CJ Bolland & Arno Lemons

CJ Bolland was one of the first music producers to be signed to the legendary R&S record label. He is best known as the author of several hits like Camargue, The Prophet or Sugar Is Sweeter which hit #1 in the United States. Active on the scene for more than 30 years now, Bolland is […]


Andrea Mancini alias Cleveland, born in Luxembourg into an Italian family, is a music producer, DJ and artist behind the releases on Hivern Discs, the label run by John Talabot and ESP Institute, from Los Angeles and most recently Kalahari Oyster Cult. The sound universe of Cleveland, although versatile, is clearly recognisable. Built around warm […]

Hangar Soundystem

The three forces behind the infamous Hangar events create an unmatched vibe when they share the decks together. From cheerful disco and house to the rigidity of a stomping techno track: this is Hangar Sounsystem.


Originally from Los Angeles, Moody’s Chilean roots have helped her discover a passion for global funky grooves and have led her to a life of collecting vinyl and sharing her knowledge with those ready to dance. Moody’s style knows no boundaries as she loves to dip in Brazilian disco while making leaps towards Chicago house […]


Stanislawa is a queer Brussels-based DJ and founder of the Deep Down East fast techno collective, which is focused on Eastern European artists, and organizes techno parties in Brussels and abroad. Her sound calls for a rebellious free space, which she spices up with fast uplifting beats and trance-y rhythms.


Driven by the feeling of music and the dancefloor, Colombian DJ Adi has been diving into electronic music and underground club culture for a while now. Exploring DJ-ing since 2013, she brings a distinct groove to her sets. Influenced by a diverse soundscape from Latin jazz and soul to psychedelic and experimental house. She translates […]

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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