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2022 Stage Hosts Announced

Like every year, we invite our favourite local and international collectives to host our stages. Together with our team, they make sure our artist line-up is exciting, diverse and perfectly in tune with today’s trends in electronic music. So let’s have a look at 2022’s partner collectives:

Our friends at Giegling will be present for the entire weekend, while it will be our first time working with Rebel, Splèn & Snaak, Queer Future Club and Kalahari Oyster Cult. The Hangar, UMG, ABSTRKT, Nowhere But Here, Play Label Records, Nico Morano & Friends, Silo and Paradise Down by the Lake crews are invited to our grounds once again. Every collective on that list has a proven track record of booking and promoting quality music, so you know the selection will be spot on.

Upon asking what we can expect from Splèn & Snaak‘s line-up, promoter Hendrik De Cuyper has a brief answer. “House that makes you smile and disco to dance to!” With dozens of open-airs and club nights on the counter, the two event organisations have left a massive impression on the music scene in Ghent. Be warned: the power duo will take over our castle stage on Friday, blasting good vibes on the biggest dancefloor at Paradise City.

Another exciting newcomer is Rebel, a non-profit feminist platform that raises awareness about the safety and visibility of women and other minorities in the electronic music and nightlife scene. “We want to make clubbing safer, hassle-free and more empowering to women”, says Zoé Devaux. “By nature, our events and line-ups are inclusive. By hosting a stage at Paradise City, we hope we can see more women and other gender minorities on the festival bill and set an example. After all, representation is key. We think that a diverse crowd is more likely when the line-up is representative of the different communities that make our electronic music scene so unique.”

The first half of our line-up will be announced on February 8.

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