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Dear Citizens,

At Paradise City we believe the future is bright! In these turbulent times, too few of us are optimistic about the future of our planet and humanity. Politics has no place within music and certainly not at our festival, but we fiercely oppose those that are trying to spread us apart or deny global climate change. Our generation needs to stand up, let’s be Master of our destiny, show that we can make a difference, that we love instead of hate our Citizen. We can make things better, by taking care of our environment and our fellow Citizens. Paradise City is about being positive about the future, be enthusiastic about change and be united in that goal!

As you probably know we are a green festival, that is not because we are trying to greenwash you. We believe that we need to act now, lower our carbon footprint and the waste we generate, therefor we try to convince our Citizens of the perks of a greener life style. But we also believe in innovation and entrepreneurship, that is why we are trying each year to support our local businesses.

This year we are happy to offer you a 3-day experience during the weekend of June 23, 24 and 25th, on the stunning domain of the Castle of Ribaucourt. For the first-time visitors, you will discover a beautiful place 15 minutes away from the city center of Brussels, and right next to the Airport, a castle domain with a rich history, small canals, an island and a surreal castle.

We want dance floors to be packed with energy, we want to offer you a genuine experience with finest electronic music and food, we want to offer you plenty of space to dance, chill and have great times with your friends. Like the previous years we want to blow you away with an ace line-up with the coolest DJs and Live performances! Let’s celebrate life on June 23rd, 24 and 25th, let’s celebrate our future, let Love rule!

Welcome to Paradise City!

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