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Use your Uber discount code to come to Paradise City!

You get a 25 euro discount on your rides between Brussels and Perk if you share it through the Uber app with another friend.

Uber, the mobile app that connects riders with drivers in more than 450 cities worldwide, is setting up a unique carpooling solution for Paradise City Festival.

How do you share a ride?

  • Request an Uber;
  • Click on the driver’s info and select “Split Fare” icon at the bottom left of the screen;
  • Choose the two friends you want to ride with;
  • Tap “Send”.

Your friends then:

  • Tap the link in the text message from Uber;
  • Your friends who don’t have an Uber account will be prompted to download the app and sign up;
  • Your Uber-savvy friends will be taken directly to the Uber app;
  • Your friends will need to confirm they want to split your fare.
  • That’s it!

For Uber and Paradise City, the aim of this partnership is to further reduce CO2 emissions, but that is not all. As the third partner in the project, CO2Logic is there to ensure that the calculated CO2 emissions from these carpooling trips are offset by investing in climate projects coordinated by the Belgian company. It goes without saying that this carbon-neutral carpooling service is not only intended for festival-goers living in Brussels, but for everyone coming to Paradise City through the capital.


The code PARADISECITY17 must be applied to enjoy a ride to/from Paradise City.
This offer is only available from 23/6 until 25/06 (01am).
You can only share a ride through the Uber app.
People who share a ride need to have an Uber account.
Discount is 25 euro. If the trip fair exceeds 25 euro, the remaining amount will be charged splitted between all users’ credit cards.

Get the app for Apple here.
Get the app for Android here.

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