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Tsjing: The Paradise City Butler Service

Can’t be bothered? Get served like Kings and Queens! Get your foods and drinks delivered to you on the dancefloor and anywhere on the festival grounds.

Use the Tsjing app whenever you don’t feel like making your way over to the bar, hiking to a food-truck or don’t wanna miss bits of your favourite DJ-set. Scan any QR code near you and rave on’ while your order is on it’s way.

How does it work?

Download the Tsjing app and order your favourite food and drinks from your phone during the festival. The app will be connected to your cashless Paradise City bracelet. The order will be charged to your bracelet like any normal order at the bar in addition of a small service fee.

Don’t move, order, Rave on’!

Download the app here.

One last tip? Prevent thirst by drinking.

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