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Ticket sales are live!

Dear Citizens,

Some important news you need to know if you want to acquire a ticket to the Paradise City. On Thursday 16th of February we will start our ticket sales.

The visitors of last years will receive a Green Card in their mail this week, which allows you to buy a ticket with a discount. This year we are giving bigger discounts up to 30 euro for your holiday and combi tickets in the wave 1. Wave 1 tickets are very limited for Green Card holders, so do not hesitate and buy your tickets asap.

After those tickets are sold out we will start wave 2, with discounts up to 20 euro, which will last until mid of April, when we announce the full line-up. We will release some names of the line-up already in march just to warm you up.

For those without a Green Card, you can become part of the Paradise City family and acquire an Early bird ticket from Thursday onwards.

If you were present the last years and you did not get a green card. You can request your Green Card codes here.

Welcome to Paradise City!

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