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Thank You & Credit Refund

No words can describe how thankful we are for your support during this incredible 3rd edition of Paradise City Festival!
With all the helping hands of the people involved we managed to create a green festival with an outstanding musical journey and a wonderful atmosphere…
Our heads are already full of ideas for next edition and we can’t wait to start working on it.

The biggest advantage of the Paradise City Wristband is that we can give you all the credits that you did not spend back! How great is that?
On the chip, which is attached to your Wristband you will find a code. You need to enter these codes on the Paradise City website after the event. We will reimburse your unspent credits through a deposit to your bank account. So, make sure to keep your Wristband safe after the festival!

Refunds start on the 28th June at 18:00 and will cease on the 12th July at 18:00

  • Glownet will facilitate the Online refunds and the customer services during 14 days together with its partner Vouchup. Here is the landing page for Paradise City refunds:
  • Fee per refund is 2.50EUR. This process is being outsourced to an external provider and this is to cover the cost of this seamless service.
  • Free tokens given away as discounts or in another way are non-refundable. For instance if you bought 65 credits at 60 euro with 5 euro credits, and if he is left with 10 euro in the end, he will only get a refund based on 5 euro.

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