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New in: the comfort experience at Paradise City!

On the island of the castle, a step back from the crowds and stages, we have set up a very special world for you. The comfort-zone at Paradise City Festival is a 3-day celebration of electronic music, fine-cuisine, unique surroundings and nature.

Enjoy the festival just like you usually would, but with a touch of comfort on top.
Set away from the excitement, hustle and bustle of the dance and music areas, it’s a place to relax and rejuvenate, make new friends or bring your colleagues, enjoy some refined food by chef Sofie Dumont, find some belly laughs and step into stillness.

Cross our floating bridge, right next to the LOVE-stage, and walk to the other side of the island. Our special place is right next to the Orangerie and is made of three distinct areas with a romantic view on the castle: the pop-up restaurant, the lounge, the comfort zone.

The Pop-Up Restaurant
We know how important it is to fill your belly during a festival. Fuel is needed to dance it through the weekend. Organic fruits and vegetables, locally sourced products, combined into a 3-course meal prepared by Chef Sofie Dumont (entrée, main-dish and dessert!) what more could a foodie want? The perfect option for anyone looking to perfect their festival weekend.

Comfortable seats and Garden Bar
While the island sparkles in a billion of fairy lights in the evening, relax on our

Chaises-longues with your favourite cocktail, listen to the music and round beats from the closest stage, and gaze at the idea of what a magical life that would be to live in a castle and have you own very private festival!
Our garden bar offers a wide selection of drinks, cocktails and beers, bottle service and high tables. Comfortable seating punctuate the inside areas and outside gardens.

To allow for an intimate atmosphere and a comfortable festival experience for all our audience, we believe in limited capacity and reject the idea of “the more, the merrier”. If you have been with Paradise City last year, you know what we’re talking about. Otherwise, join us this year and experience it for yourself!
This philosophy is valid for the comfort zone too, which is exclusively possible for people who purchase the Comfort ticket.

You can combine a ticket for the comfort zone with a restaurant meal or just enjoy one of the two. All comfort-experience ticket holders have access to the relaxed atmosphere in the lounge.

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