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Morning Yoga inspiration at Paradise Inn Camping

Wake up at the camping on Saturday and Sunday morning with a detox Yoga class. Shake those legs, stretch that back and feel a few inches taller! Then back to the dancefloor!

Take your nose out of your waterproof cardboard home and join the class.

Our gentle yoga flow will rejuvenate and balance your body and mind. You will practise poses which flow together in a creative and fun way and a special type of deep breathing links poses together through movement. Come to the class with an open heart, you will feel energised and ready to dance off the rest of your weekend!

The class is suitable for everyone. It is held on Saturday & Sunday morning at the Paradise-INN Camping. With Goedele Leyssen, yoga teacher and healthy lifestyle coach. More info

And yes, it’s free for all camping-ticket holders! Yoga is part of Tao’s Pretox ritual for the summer. A special cocktail full of healthy tips and advices to prepare your body and spirit for sunny days and raves.




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