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Dear Citizens,


Electronic music is evolving and there is so much interesting music out there, that we want you to discover. Of course, you have the big names on our line-up that are known by many, but the smaller names deserve an equal amount of attention. That is why we are going to write about these names you might not have heard of before, but deserve some of your ear-time. Also check out our Spotify and Soundcloud Playlists.


At Paradise City we book a lot of artists that we believe produce great music and are great performers with promising careers ahead. Our track record isn’t that bad since 2015: we have been one of the first in Belgium to bring artists like The Black Madonna, Hunee or HVOB to a larger audience. There are already quite a few electronic music festivals and parties in Belgium, so we try to avoid the obvious names and offer genres that do not get enough attention in Belgium. At the same time we are not only for the purists, we have some music that is easy on the ear for the not-so-into-underground-music types. In the end there is one goal: we want that energy on the dance floor! For those of you who always come prepared at a festival and brag to their friends about their musical in-depth knowledge, pay attention. Let’s dig into the magic of the Paradise City 2017 line-up.

Starting this journey about smaller artists with Omar S, is ridiculous, cause this guy is a legend from the Motor city Detroit. But too many of you don’t know him, but you should. So, what is so special about this guy? First, he is a real do-it-yourself man: he owns his own Label FXHE, probably makes the artwork for his releases himself, manages his own social media strategy and when he DJ’s, mostly plays his own tracks. Some might even say that his producing skills on a technical level are not that great…but that is where all the magic happens… in this world where Instagram filters, social media strategies and overly polished music dominate our day-to-day, Omar S brings the real stuff! His tracks are incredible, simple but with addictive melodies and hooks and his DJ sets are legendary. You can’t measure his fan base with his Facebook likes, his base is huge but mostly offline. We need more guys and girls like Omar S, he is the real deal, the best, and the embodiment of authenticity, one of the core values at Paradise City Festival. Don’t miss this guy at the Silo stage on Sunday.



The most unknown international artists on our bill must be Indian Wells. Actually, we didn’t know him ourselves. Some booking agent with a gmail account contacted us about an Italian producers and send us the link to his unreleased album. Well sometimes you need to follow your gut and after hearing his album, we just decide to book him. His album is the bomb! Listen here to the first track from his upcoming album and pull up the volume!


Not so long ago we discovered a soundcloud mix from a Canadian living in Berlin called Bwana. We did some research, discovered his socials and found at that he got the arms as big as our legs, and loves working out! He evens trains and gives fitness classes to fellow DJs in Berlin, which, we imagine, is a very useful & noble thing to do over there! Besides his love for working out, he adores trance! So yes, he is not your average DJ-from-Berlin that never smiles on pictures. Oh yes, and his productions are off the hook! Check it out, Citizen!

The Electronic music scene is thriving in Belgium, and we are so happy about that. Some really cool DJs and producers are popping. SKY H1 is one of them, this girl from Brussels brings smooth experimental music. Her future is looking bright and we expect her to get a lot of international attention in the future. She will open the Live stage on Saturday, so Citizens please….come early, support your local talent:  her live set is incredible!!


Last year one of the discoveries at Paradise City was the Live performance of Red Axes, so we kept digging in that scene and stumbled on a Israeli and boss of Label Disco Halal, Moscoman. He brings oriental infused beats which is quite unique today. Difficult to put it into words, so let the music speak! Of yes and another fun fact, he will premier with his Live band in Belgium at Paradise City.

Ok, Acid Pauli is huge and yes YokoO is big, but these guys are at the forefront of the spiritual house movement that has been getting a lot of traction these last couple of years. Burning man is probably no stranger to that, but also the dancers are longing for something else once in a while….something smooth, melodic, and enchanting. Yes techno can be repetitive sometimes, so go check out these guys at the Love stage on Saturday. Not convinced yet, or not so spiritual, are you? Well put on those headphones and listen to the burning man set from Acid Pauli!

On Saturday we also have something completely different with Nosaj Thing. This Vietnamese-American comes from the LA beat scene, is a producer for Kendrick Lamar and is a regular at festivals like Sonar in Barcelona or Dour. One of the best producers out there period and we are really proud we could convince him to come at our small cozy little festival!

Let’s go back to our lovely Belgian artists and let’s zoom in on the Moodfamily label. The label has it’s home base in Gent and they host the Live stage on Sunday. Stavroz are mostly at the forefront and play all over the world. They infected the Citizens with their music last year, and they will do it all over again with their live band on Sunday. But AMyn and Harted, are 2 other producers that are gaining a lot of cred in the industry and deserve equal attention from you!


If you are a Paradise City regular, you know about Konstantin Sibold and the love we have for him as a DJ. This year we decided to step it up a notch for his third Paradise City appearance, by booking him for an extra-long B2B session with his friend from Lyon Kosme. We heard some crazy stories about when these 2 guys come together behind the decks… Magic happens.

Video of them both. 

Another Italian discovery is Giorgia Angiulli, a live performer that delivers melodies from toys… That is not a joke. And she’s not a gimmick, she is an excellent producer, a true musician and she makes people dance, while putting up a show and manipulating several machines, filters and toys at once. We had the privilege to see her play live at Club Vaag recently and people were going nuts. Women on top with this Italian power-lady!

Sorry i'm not a deejay

Geplaatst door Giorgia Angiuli op zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Back to the locals, a Belgian DJ that deserve your special attention is DC Salas, Brussels born with latin American roots, is making a name for himself in the underground scene of Brussels, bringing a very original sound and excelling in crate-digging skills. And of top of that he will be releasing his first LP very soon and you can check out the previews here. He is at the start of a promising international DJ career. Go Diego! DC Salas will play on the Play Label Records stage back-to-back with Latence. The guys from Play Label records will be bringing the finest house music around on Saturday with label boss Exon Bacon & Red-out. But also one to watch is DKA, who will play a very special live with Parsifal this year. His performance last year at Paradise City was one for the books. DKA is probably the most productive producer in Belgium, period, his tracks have been played by guys like John Talabot & Damian Lazarus.


We are so fortunate that the girls and boys from Moodfamily were able to get their hands on Sebastian Mullaert, who will play together with his pall Ulf Eriksson. You might not know him, but you probably know his former alias Minilogue. So Sebastian is nothing less than a respected veteran in the scene. He will play a extra long Live set with Ulf, that should be very special, here is an impression of him at concrete in Paris.

Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson @ Concrete, Paris – 08.04.2016

Next stop Friday: CONCRETE! One of my favorite club, crew & public. That was my last show.. Friday I'll play a 3h30 set, let's try to do even crazier. J'ai hâte!

Geplaatst door Sebastian Mullaert op dinsdag 23 mei 2017


Another veteran and simply our favorite producer is Robag Wruhme from DJ Koze’s Pampa records. His dreamy and melancholic productions just take you to another world, and he is the typical DJ’s DJ. He is so respected by his colleagues in the industry you can expect a lot of them on that dancefloor at the Love stage on Friday. But please listen to his tracks!!!!!


If you ask all the DJs in Belgium who is your favourite and underrated DJ in Belgium, probably Pierre and Red D, will end up in the Top 3. Pierre is the resident of Fuse, the most iconic club in Belgium, and Red D is the founder of We love House recordings, who is celebreating its 10 year of existence this year. Congrats!


But if you ask us who our favorite booking is, well than we must go with Kornel Kovacs. He brings a happy vibe, does not care about genres, and he simply just makes people dance. He will make his appearance on Saturday at the Play Label Records stage.

Flying in from Glasgow this year and a man to watch, as he was the highest entry this year in Resident Advisor’s DJ poll TOP 100, is Denis Sulta. He is going to warm-up the crowd before Omar S.


On Saturday we have some incredible bands line-up on the Paradise City Live stage. Jan Blomqvist will perform with his full live band enchant the Paradise Citizens with his melodic house. Same goes for HVOB, after a sold-out concert in AB and after the release of their second album, which was praised by many critics, we are looking forward to their second performance at our festival. Oooh and Vessels is an awesome band from the UK, we fell in love with them at Bozar Festival last year and decided to get them for Paradise City.


Other favorite DJs of ours are Patrice Baumel, Trouw resident, but also great producer and DJ. Some Deep, dark, but also uplifting trancey moments to be expected. And of course Jeremy Underground, one of the most renowned crate-diggers out there. This selector hors-pair is not to be missed if you like the warmer vinyl sounds.

And you might have noticed but we invite many DJs to come back at our festival, Konstantin Sibold is the first example, but after amazing sets last year we invited &ME en Agoria back to bring that energy back to the Love stage.


Ooh yes and we also have Âme, Recondite, John Talabot, N’TO & Joachim Pastor playing a exclusive live set with Sinners, Andhim, Gabriel Ananda, but you’ve probably know about them.


We want to thank all our fantastic stagehosts for bringing this line-up together!


Looking forward, beloved Citizens……






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