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We believe that good music tastes even better when accompanied by good food! Our food trucks serve delicious food with minimum impact on the environment. Ingredients are seasonal and biological, served in compostable tablewear. The menus are mostly vegetarian, but there is also room for sustainably caught fish. What’s more, all these various food trucks are joining forces to source their ingredients locally.

Sofie Dumont

Chef Sofie Dumont, this year again, will be running a restaurant on Paradise Island at Paradise City Festival on June 23rd, 24th & 25th.
Chef Dumont will dedicate her expertise to running the restaurant area. Guests will be served appetizers, three course dinner and adapted drinks, consisting of healthy and delicious dishes. Sofie will be using as many local crops as possible from farmers in the area, and it goes without saying that all products will be seasonal.

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CRU : enjoying simplicity is the new luxury

Many ingredients for the Sofie Dumont Restaurant were delivered by Cru.
CRU is an indoor fresh food market for and by people with a passion for good food, pure flavours and authentic quality products who wish to (re)discover the riches of forgotten and contemporary simplicity. 10 trades come together under 1 roof, offering among other things fish, freshly baked bread, vegetables and fruit, as well as fresh meat, cheese, wine, home-roasted coffee, home-made dishes and flowers.

We believe in the power of nature and give her all the time she needs to bring the products at their best, when the season’s right. We offer them in their most fresh and pure form, without improvers or preservatives.
CRU is more than a shopping trip. You can experience an actual market where you have the time and the space to wander around, be surprised, to taste and make contact.

Veggie Balls & Glory

Nothing is better than an old fashioned, handmade Flemish meatball? Yes there is: handmade vegetarian balls! These balls are anything but common; Wim Ballieu has even won awards with these balls filled with love and everything he likes himself. Balls & Glory will serve you the world’s best vegetarian balls of an honest origin on Paradise City festival. Can’t miss this on earth!

Dutch Weed Burger

The Dutch Weed Burger is one of the healthiest burgers on the planet, with seaweed as the key flavour maker. The juicy patty is made of briny soy shreds and Royal Kombu, a tasty and healthy winter weed, sustainably cultivated in the Dutch region of Zeeland. The crispy O-mega bun colours bright green, due to the superfood chlorella, a microalgae packed with nutritious proteins and Omega acids. The finishing taste touch is done by their Sea Sauce, enriched with Sea Lettuce, a fresh summer weed that brings a nice freshness to this healthy snack. The burger is vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal.

Jean sur Mer

Jean Sur Mer is one of the pioneers on the Belgian Food Truck scene. The love of the sea, its salt air and all the good that comes out of it he harbored from an early age. Think about Fish and chips or tasty brandade of smoked mackerel, soft cooked egg and grey shrimps. They serve only seasonal fish, sustainably caught and really fresh! As they say: “Dont’t go to Jean Sur Mer if you’re looking for a weekday caterer. In fact, the only grey at Jean’s foodtruck are the fresh peeled shrimps!”


“Fast and healthy makes happy” is what they think at Spoon. The Pukkelpop Times went even further by saying: “At Spoon they save lives with their divine dishes – which is after all clearly what they were supposed to do from the nursery. From out of a real ambulance they serve soups, wraps and quiches. The founders worked in the corporate world for years and there it became clear how rarely you can find a truly good and healthy lunch. That should be different! Nowadays they cook delicious and healthy food with fresh ingredients. And it is super local: with their roots in Steenokkerzeel, the festival is literally their back garden!


Ruben and Neda are French fries-fanatics in heart and soul. In Rotterdam they became very popular with their concept ‘Haute Friture’: a new way of making French fries in which craftsmanship and freshness are the two most important pillars. Every bio-potato gets freshly cut and gets baked just enough to become the most perfect, gold-brown French fries you have ever tasted. Choose your kind of mayonnaise from the mayo-menu, for instance the truffle flavored one, and there it is: Haute friture. Who says French fries can’t be healthy?

Table d’Ho

Korean at it’s Belgian best. The Korean kitchen is surprising, healthy and o so good, but however unknown to many of us. Based on authentic Korean flavors, San-Ho Park of table d’Ho creates original dishes in a refined and accessible way. For this edition of Paradise City San-Ho made a vegetarian selection such as Kimbap (Korean sushi with vegetables) or tempura.


Karen invented the “Wurger”, a unique combination of a waffle and a burger. The Wurger is made of roasted butternet pumpkin, chia seads, flaxseed, oats milk, coconut oil, spelt flour and lots of herbs. A healthy and good looking snack for our citizens who love vegan and vegetarian food, full of flavour!

Ella’s & M

Ella’s & M serve Greek street food with a lot of love: “Ella’s & M is a place where strangers are loved with a generosity of spirit, and where kindness is served up for all to share”. They’re adventurous in their creations and serve delicious vegetarian falafels and salads.


Bavet wants to bring people together as a shared community, hosting delicious spaghetti dinners served with the right amount of happiness yet rock n’ roll. Bavet has restaurants in Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp. And now they want to connect with our citizens with their new food truck, serving tasty vegetarian spaghetti.


Miki Pieders is a known local chef. For eleven years he owned the restaurant ‘Het Onbekende’ in Vilvoorde and now he’s back to share his passion for food with our Paradise City citizens in his brand new food truck. No haute cuisine, but fantastic little taste bombs, made with as much local ingredients as possible. Mickles, food on the move!


The Mellow Sisters, Noémie and Margaux, are more than just siblings: they’re also best friends. Mellow offers frozen yogurts to sprinkle with quality toppings: fresh seasonal fruits, biscuit bits, chocolate chips and syrups. Most of them are homemade and cooked with local ingredients ! Or you can taste a fluffy pancake: all the ingredients are sourced directly from farms and with a lot of love. What more can you ask for on a sunny day at Paradise City?


Had it not been for Knack-cook Bart Mot, this original candy booth would have died out silently. Yet, out of other disused materials, this likeable man created a second life for his mobile oldy which was renamed Knack-foodtruck. This summer you will be able to taste a couple of exquisite vegetarian dishes such as the Knack-worst – a handicrafted and vegetarian sausage – and the delicious gazpacho één grote soep. Everything is served in biodegradable materials.


Meet Kriket, Belgium’s first ever cricket bar! Kriket is bringing you the sophisticated umami taste of crickets combined with all kind of amazing flavors, including a whole variety of nuts, seeds, cereals and a handful of exquisite spices. Raw and pure ingredients, delivering enough energy to fuel your dancing batteries. Delicious, healthy, sustainable & 100% made in Brussels!


Wonky offers healthy and delicious dips full of rescued vegetables.
That way Wonky tries to solve the food waste problem and answers the rising demand for healthy snacks.
During Paradise City, Wonky offers its dips with nachos and sunny bruschetta’s!

Food for the Future

This food lab results from the strong collaboration between the Province of Flemish Brabant, Vredeseilanden, Colruyt Group and KU Leuven. Together with young people the 4 partners look for ways to feed the growing global population in a sustainable way. Today this food lab brings you a glimpse of the future on your plate. Expect a salty surprise from the sea and a sweet cocoa bite, both veggie and delicious.

Sander-Jan Beirens

Sander-Jan Beirens grew up on the countryside of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. It’s there he developed his love for preparations with locals products within each season. Sander-Jan is a perfectionist who put all his knowledge and craftmanship into this product. These homemade croquettes with shrimps lift your meal to a unique level of tastiness.