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Camp green this festival season

Summer showers, cold winds, rivers of mud, interspersed with beautiful sunshine, shallow dance moves and electronic beats: living at the rhythm of the seasons in just one weekend, those are the days of the Belgian summer raves.


Are you planning on a full Paradise weekend but not sure where to sleep yet between three days of music? Stay with us at the PARADISE INN on the colourful premises of the Ribaucourt castle and experience our unique eco-camping, which is part of Paradise City’s green initiative.

Paradise City’s camping facility is 100% green and eco-responsible. As much fun as festivals are, any large gathering of people is going to leave a carbon footprint.

Each year, litter-picking crews collect about 1.500 tonnes of waste after a festival weekend. Replace the dancing humans with a thousand abandoned tent skeletons and green grass with plastic bottles and metal scraps, and you got an apocalyptic view straight out of the Walking Dead.

At Paradise we care about our beautiful planet Earth, we aim to preserve nature and embrace a leave-no-trace and zero-carbon-footprint attitude. Which is why we encourage you to go keep your festival experience as sustainable as possible and go-green with us.

Eco tents are the new hit!

After last year’s success, we are renewing our collaboration with Kartent “the palace of cardboard heroes” and taking the eco-friendly camping experience to the top.

Kartent is a small Dutch start-up distributing recyclable tents, made of 100% cardboard and revolutionizing festival camping. The Tents are water-resistant and Festival-proofed. Any citizen camping at the festival receives a kartent (fits 2 persons). Just bring your usual camping gear but leave the tent at home (more room for beer right?). Your cardboard-palace will be all set and waiting for you at your camping spot.

What’s more, you can draw on it and customise it tribe-style (highly recommended after 12 hours of dancing and eco-cup collecting, as you better don’t enter the wrong tent for your good night’s rest).

At the end of the weekend, clean behind yourself using the recycling bins, the festival crew will fold back your cardboard-home while you enjoy a last hangover morning-coffee (help is always appreciated tho!). The used tents will be picked-up by the guys of Kartent for recycling into new romantic materials (such as toilet paper and books).

Here are our top-tips to camp green at Paradise City

What’s hot:

  • A reusable water bottle is your friend: because water is life! Unlimited refill with Paradise City’s filtered tap water,
  • Leave no trace: Pick-up the trash behind you, use our free portable ashtrays, recycle bins (plastic, paper, other waste) and compost, we won’t even know you were there.
  • Sleep warm: Cardboard tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat – check! But ever noticed how the Belgian grass is always humid even during sunny days? Bring a survival blanket to keep the floor warm and isolated during your sleep and morning meditation.
  • Eat well: A stove, a cocktail shaker, a beer holder… AND fresh food (why not try out a local market on your way to the festival?). For ultimate laziness, our affordable gastronomic food-trucks provide for meat-free alternatives all weekend-long, view on the castle included.
  • Shower responsibly: The camp-site is equipped with hot showers. Trade some wake-up time under the shower for a hot coffee and save some water.
  • Make art: use color pens and spray cans to customize your home.
  • Relax: Just bring your toothbrush (and maybe some other accessories), enjoy the music and chill!

What’s not (hot):

  • Avoid disposable items: plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic cutlery, individually packaged food (like salt and pepper), … Limit waste and prefer reusable crockery and cutlery.
  • No pipi in the bushes, fields, trees and flowers… please use the toilets, save the trees! (nature does NOT feast on it, believe us).
  • Don’t split your drinks inside your cardboard tent, unless you don’t mind some grass-découpage on the floor. Empty your sodas at the water waste dispenser (or drink them?)

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