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Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson (Live)

There’s something deeply satisfying in experiencing the creation of a superior entity by the amalgamating of two antipodes. Sebastian Mullaert and Ulf Eriksson’s hybrid showcase is offering just that. Sebastian’s trademark hypnotic rhythms and melodies are summoned live from his vast array of synthesizers and music making machines, joining the the beats and oddities selected by the skilled hands of Ulf Eriksson behind the decks. One being an avid practitioner of Zen philosophy and the other a hardened record label boss, the two friends have found this showcase to be a perfect common ground. Sebastian and Ulf are now touring the world together, synchronizing, laughing and making people dance.

Sebastian Mullaert and Ulf Eriksson have been leading figures in the Nordic electronic music scene for a long time. Sebastian Mullaert is of course well known for his work as one half of Minilogue, but has certainly proved his talent as a solo artist for several years now, with recent releases on Drumcode, Hypercolour, Mule and Kontra-Musik as well as playing venues like Panorama Bar, Fabric and Blackmarket, New York. Ulf Eriksson is foremost known as the boss of Kontra-Musik, a label celebrating its 10 years’ anniversary with several massive releases during 2016, but has also increasingly focused on his international DJ career, playing venues like Berghain, Culture Box, and Unit, Tokyo. The hybrid showcase is an opportunity to experience Sebastian and Ulf’s respective talents and temperaments being merged into a beautiful whole. A chance not to be missed.