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CHAVY was born and raised in a little town near Antwerp. And it is Antwerp that made him fall in love with music and persuaded him to become a purveyor of qualitative House music. This all started in 2015. What he loves most about being a DJ is the interaction with the dancefloor as he likes playing more emotionally driven melodies but he does try to follow the emotions of his audience. In Antwerp, he has played often in ‘Club Baroque’ where he played next to names such as Nico Morano, Rafi Khan, Joey Payne, Pisca, Soulcity and many more.

After a year of having fun in Antwerp, the beautiful Brussels came more in sight where he became a part of VIEF – a Brussels party concept created by and for house and techno lovers. Through VIEF he had already the chance to play next to Amelie Lens, Dka, Two Times Four and others, thereby he got to play next to Pete Howl and Red D in France.

Most recently, he played at one of Ketaloco’s famous parties next to DJ’s such as Felix Cage, Raw District and Caspar & Don Cabron. Attend one of his gigs and I assure you that you will be inspired, and maybe overwhelmed, by the energy this youngman delivers over and over again.