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From an early age, he was a big movie fan, what was his main inspiration for the music he creates. Music in a cinématographic way. When start to discover electronic music in the beginning of the 90’s, it came in as a choc. It made everything so clear that he decided to become a Dj / Producer and started his first project called “Sweatshop”. He started producing early 2000. he used all his influences of his movie addiction, the soul, the funk, the rock, he has listened to could give him an endless creative inspiration. From 2003 he became a resident Dj at the leading club in Brussels called “Dirty Dancing”. By knowing he was a producer, the organizers asked him to create a musical anthem for the club night.  That’s how “I like it Dirty” the first ‘Sweatshop’ release was born and got released through Belgian’s Eskimo Recordings label. Because of this, the artistic director decided to launch their proper label called ‘Dirty dancing’. The main idea was, to promote their residents towards a larger, and international crowd. In 2004 Sweatshop “Back in the days” remixed by KIKI (Bpitch control). In 2005 Sweatshop remixed “Strange smile” for Marcus Lange on Dirty Dancing Recordings and “Autunno” for Margot on Craft music (Great stuff). In 2007 he leaves Dirty Dancing and starts to play allover the country and especially in the capital of France, Paris. In 2012 he decides to start a brand new musical project called “ANTILOPE”. With this nickname he goes back to what made him a DJ and producer. Creating music that breaths like a ‘soundtrack’ but then in a more edgy Club kinda way. From day one of Antilope, the MB Disco Label (Martin Brodin) asked him to make a re-work of the classic Giorgio Moroder “From Here to Eternity” track, and make something completely new of it. This was the starting point for Antilope.