25 & 26th
of June


Dear Citizens,

At Paradise City we promote diversity, change and a believe in a bright future. We believe that each is Master of his destiny, in which he can make things better, by innovating and taking care of our environment and his fellow citizen. Paradise City is about being positive about the future, be enthusiastic about change and be united in that goal!

This is why sustainable innovations are so important for us and why we are making sure that our festival has the lowest environmental footprint possible. You can discover our Green commitments here.

On June 25 & 26th the purpose is to create a genuine experience with fine underground electronic music & cuisine in a stunning environment with plenty of space to dance. Visitors of Paradise City don’t just buy a ticket, they become a citizen of the City of the future. Every visitor will get a Green Card which will always give priority for the following editions. The first settlers (visitors of our first edition in 2015) can testify, as they already received their Green Card which gave them an early bird advantage.

This year’s line-up will be diverse and focused on the best contemporary and underground electronic music thanks to collaborations with some carefully chosen hosting partners who are known for their quality events and quirky music choices. On the Red Bull Elektropedia Live stage you will also be able to enjoy live performances from some of the best acts out there. Discover our full line-up here.

It goes without saying that the Castle of Ribaucourt remains the pinnacle of Paradise City Festival. Only 15 minutes from the city center of Brussels you will discover a unique setting and a place with a very rich history.

Small is beautiful! We want dance floors to be packed with energy, but spacious to dance within intimate surroundings.

Welcome to Paradise City!

Paradise City playlist